Top 25 Vita Games (#20-16)

Welcome to part 2 of HeyPoorPlayer’s Top 25 Vita Games! If you haven’t checked out part 1, there is a link to check it out in the article. I won’t give a lengthy introduction to this section; if you want that, check out part 1. As such, let’s hop right back into it!

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derkasan1885d ago

Sound Shapes is a fun little title - really liked it on the PS3.

Delano1885d ago

Looking forward to the rest!

Fist4achin1884d ago

I only played the Sly in this round. I want to give grim fandango a try...

irishyort1884d ago

Borderlands is great on my vita, the cart is well and truly glued in there. Super Meat Boy, Terraria, Binding of Issac and Guacameelee are highly recommended