15 Minutes of Overcooked (co-op) Gameplay

Overcooked is a chaotic co-operative cooking game for 1-4 players. Check out 15 minutes of 2-player cooperative gameplay where the chefs must work together to fill orders as fast as possible.

FullmetalRoyale2909d ago

I'm really digging that music! Having cooked at a restaurant for several years now, I always like seeing games like this. It's funny how it actually captures the feel of a rush. You definitely get a silent "we did it" feeling when you get through one, and I'd imagine that's part of what people like about these types of games.


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Nacho_Z198d ago

What do married people do, knit each other socks?

anast198d ago

We complain about the rising food and utility costs then go to bed....

Final_Aeon196d ago

Usually have kids that soak up 90% of 'free' time.
So gaming solo or together is a luxury.


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