PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Predictions for August 2016

August 2016 may continue the tradition of at least one triple-A release among the PlayStation Plus free titles from Sony; a trend that started two months ago.

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FallenAngel1984905d ago

We should be getting AAA games on PS4's IGC every month going forward. It's almost close to thre years since it's been out.

As for indie, I wish we'd get one month where Shovel Knight were offered on the IGC.

_-EDMIX-_905d ago

We should be getting good and unique games.

As to who owns the IP to those games or if the team is owned or not or um "AAA" is irrelevant. Being AAA doesn't always = good bud.

TFJWM905d ago

It is kinda sad when people still think AAA means a good game/better than an indie. You would think people would have learned by this point...

Clover904905d ago

Its true. Hyper Light Drifter and Inside are both indie games that have absolutely blown me away thia year.

thekhurg905d ago

Higher ratio of garbage indie games than AAA games. Chances of getting trash are much lower if you go with big studio budgets and production values.

Goldby905d ago


Yes instead of getting a game that is pushing the industry into areas normally not touched by big developers, lets just hve the same games over and over again...

i would rather have something that tried to be different, that the exact same game we are all playing over and over again

_-EDMIX-_905d ago

@thekhurg- I don't know about all that. Having less AAA doesn't mean we get a better selection bud.

The Witcher 3 is easily one of the best produced games I've played in a long time, up there with the production values of MGSV, Battlefront etc, yet was made by a independent team...

So maybe you better stop with this assumption that indie just means "garbage" as any game can be "garbage" bud.

The Order got bad reviews, so did Ryse, so did Homefront 2, those are great titles?

Do any of those hold a candle to Witcher 3? Seriously?

Games are made by humans....humans have different ideas and clearly the games they make will be subjective...

no caliber of game either indie or AAA has any real ratio of good or bad as BOTH can be good or bad to any gamer.

Having lots of money doesn't mean a game will be good, ie RE6. Having AAA quality doesn't mean something will be good, ie Dead Space 3, in the same respect Indie can be just as bad and bland.

They are BOTH being made by the same type of people......HUMANS! Have you seriously not factored that a indie game is merely just a game that is owned by the team?

Now if we slapped Sony as the publisher, you feel different about this game? Its being made by the same team that made Heavenly Sword ie the same humans that made a AAA OWNED IP are making a AAA INDIE IP.....

Sooooooooo suddenly something has changed? LOL! DO they careless now and are seeking to make a bad game now that no one is funding them and they retain the IP?

If Naughty Dog had the same money and left Sony before The Last Of Us and produced that else where, you really think it would suddenly be a worse game because the name Sony wasn't published on it?

Good games are good games bud. Many didn't even know of who CDPR was until Witcher 3 and many still don't know its a indie game by the pure definition of the term.

Good games are good games. MOST don't now who owns the damn IP to games buddy, its stupid to really base a game being "good" or "bad" based on AAA or indie when most don't even have a clear understanding of such info when looking at a cool game.

I want No Man Sky regardless of if the IP is owned or not bud, I want it for what it is, not weather or not it is owned by the publisher and not the team, that is irrelevant to me as a consumer. I would want it just the same if Sony published it.

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jukins905d ago

While the chances may be higher that an indie game will be not so good at least you don't feel so burned spending $10 for a possible unique fun experience as you do spending $60+ for a common big budget more than likely umpteenth sequel that we all played a million times. Keep the triple aaa titles I'd much rather have fresh content even if not on the scale of aaa titles.

Jamesx82x905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

I cant believe I read this, it was more a list of choices than a prediction. Hate giving articles like this clicks and how does this crap even get approved.


Yakuza 5 is the only possibly one on the list, as I was one of the few that got it as free when they put it under ps plus so may have been set for August’s games for PS+ not July’s.

Goldby905d ago

the setup for that article is atrocious, the list of all the games"predictions" were all pushed together, does the author not now how to make a list?

Kurt Russell905d ago

I am wondering if Tomb Raider Definitive gets in there, Would be worth it to raise series interest.

Rimeskeem905d ago

I hope Sony gives RotTR for free at PSX or something.

yomfweeee905d ago Show