Atlus considering to expand Trauma Center on other systems?

Siliconera writes: "Since the Trauma Center series started it found a home on Nintendo consoles by taking advantage of the unique controls found on the Wii and DS. This could change. In a recent survey Atlus asked their fanbase if they would be interested to see Trauma Center games appear on other platforms such as the Xbox 360, PSP, PlayStation 3, and mobile phones. Of course, a public survey doesn't guarantee Trauma Center: 360th Opinion is in development, but Atlus is thinking about where else to take the series."

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pwnsause3700d ago

it wont work. it would not be as fun as using the stylus or the wii-mote, it would just turn into an average game, unless of course it comes with a new peripheral.

FantasyStar3700d ago

It felt like a cheap game afterwards. What happens outside of operations? Nothing, nothing but typical japanese convos. delivered in typical japanese fashion. I'm sure others love that kind of style, but I've been far too spoiled by this gen to go back to last-gen methods. Folklore did it right with comic based cut-scenes.

PS360WII3700d ago

Agreed pwnsause. Not to sure how they'll make it enjoyable with a regular game pad but hey power to them if they figure it out.

Lord_Ash3700d ago

I don't think it would be fun, I didn't even enjoy the Wii games (only the DS Games), so I don't think it would work on a regular joystiq

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