$250 Well Spent

Chris Rah Osiris of writes:

"I am very excited about the upcoming Sony 1st party releases this Fall. I personally think it is one of the strongest I have seen in years. To show my support and gratitude, I decided to go on a pre-order spree. Let us detail my list:

1. LittleBigPlanet
2. Socom: Confrontation
3. Resistance 2: Collector's Edition
4. PS3 Wireless Keypad

Not a bad list to me."

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sonarus3886d ago

My gaming budget easily topples that. I am going to get fifa/PES then LBP, socom, motorstorm 2, R2 will be the main exclusives. Then i will also get fallout 3 sometime and probably far cry and mirrors edge. But a lot of this won't be day one. I will be skipping the ps3 keypad cus it looks lamer than the already lame 360 pad

QueefyB_Angelitos3886d ago

I would pay 250$ just for my 360 to work for atleast 8 seconds.

QueefyB_Angelitos3886d ago

The d-pad of the 360 controller tried to sufficate me the other day.

mikeslemonade3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

All those games have so much replay value. Socom 2 was the only game I played for almost 2 years on the PS2. Resistance 1 i played for 9 months. And LBP need I say more?

TheExecutive3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

1. LBP
2. Resistance
3. Socom
4. Motorstorm 2

and i will pay 43 bucks a peice for them! Well, 33 for socom but yeah.

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