Starting Today All Xbox One 500GB Bundles on Sale for $249.99

Saving money is one thing that everybody loves and starting right now all Xbox One 500GB Bundles are on sale for a $50 discount.

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crazychris41242429d ago

Gotta clear out stock and make room for the S

dirkdady2429d ago

..and yet the price cut does not compel me to buy an Xbox one. Owned a 360 before but honestly I don't know what will convince me to pick one up.
It's like some sort of mental dissociation on a subconscious level.. Sony imbeding subliminal messages in their movies and trailers? ....must go see magnificent seven with Denzel Washington...

Cindy-rella2429d ago

This is literally the 6th price drop for xbox one since launch and i can almost guarantee that there will be another one around Christmas.

sonarus2429d ago

I still dont see no must play games on the Xbox one. But to be fair minus Uncharted no real must play on PS4. Best games this gen have been multi platform at least in my opinion. I already own ps4 an xbox one would be redundant when i dont see any games on the horizon that have me excited. Perhaps gears of war tho

UltraNova2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

It does until you remember that scorpio is up next so why buy the soon to be side-lined xb1 s?

I cant see how would things get better for the MS camp for the the next 15 or so months...

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Foehammer2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Agree, especially with the pre-orders on the S doing so well.

I'm wondering if the original X1 will be phased out and the S will become the standard X1?

I suppose they could keep the original as a low cost alternative.

Christopher2428d ago

It would make little sense to not make the "S" the standard. They want to promote the 4k streaming and upscaling.

2428d ago
rainslacker2428d ago


They may want to keep a cheaper version on the market for the budget conscious. X1S is the first "slim" which is actually more than the model it's replacing, which is kind of untested in the market. Extra features may not matter to most without a 4K TV, so that puts the Xbox about on par with the PS4 price wise since I feel the PS4 will probably get a price drop soon as well.

butchertroll2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Looks like there are bunch of old fat Xbones on the shelves and also looks like sales for fat Xbones are damn bad when MS offered such a low price. You can also buy Xbone for 209$ at Newegg :

The brand value of the Xbox One is dropping badly, if they having firesales on this. I'll bet that fat Xbone will be 200$ during this holiday. You still can find Day One editions. PS4 is still selling along at $349 and still remains in the lead, Microsoft might have a reason to be concerned.

EDIT ; LOL at disagree votes. Xbone fans should understand this : You don't do these moves when your are comfortable at your sales, clearing stock or not.

I'll bet that PS4 won't be at that price when Slim will be announced.

Yui_Suzumiya2429d ago

I saw Xbox One at the pawn shop last month for $180 and PlayStation 4 for $240

butchertroll2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )


Pawn shop is another thing, man. Used consoles too. I also can find on Xbox One 1TB for 163 Euros. Used, of course.

VforVideogames2429d ago

disagree votes are because of your "we all know this and its not necessary to say it again" comment.

343_Guilty_Spark2429d ago

thanks for the link. I just bought five!

Kribwalker2429d ago

They did it last time and it wasn't even for a slim, what makes u think they won't do it now

MachuchalBrotha3162429d ago

@solid, so you went to a pawn shop and saw a used xbox one for $180? Oh my.... what a surprise.

andibandit2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

pricedrop from 299 to 249 = Firesale

Ok, another lesson learned at N4G

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XanderZane2429d ago

That's exactly what they are doing. They aren't manufacturing anymore bulky XB1's and they need to clear out that inventory for the XB1 S. I won't be surprised to see the original XB1's at $200 come November.

I don't think anyone cares. It doesn't make me want to buy a PS4 Neo or PSVR in October either. I'm not buying any new hardware this holiday season and I doubt anyone really cares. For anyone who wants a cheap bulky XB1 at a cheap price, now is the time or wait until November for even better deals.

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YinYangGaming2429d ago

Considering stock is apparently low for the S I would've thought they might have waited a little bit to clear stock unless they've got a lot of stock

Dario_DC2429d ago

It's getting sold for 160€ or less, used, where I live and no one buys them... Some stores won't give you over 75€ for one. The new S model made the original Xone kinda worthless.

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