Tired of the SIXAXIS? Why not swap it with a 360 controller?

So, we already know someone hacked into the PS3 and made it so the Wiimote could be used as a sort of pointing device... kind of like how it is on the Wii itself. The Playstation 3 isn't going to stop there, however. Someone else has hacked up their system and got the "almighty" 360 controller working on it.

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Marty83705243d ago

I would'nt want to use an inferior X360 controller on PS3.

ChickeyCantor5243d ago

cozz the sixaxes SUCKS when it comes to FPS games.
the analog stick is really misplaced since the first controller(the one for the PS1) the dualshock SUX too and now they did it over!

the xbox and the GCN looked alike a and wur best for playing FPS. Sony's controllers SUCK!

btw you are a PS3 fanboy you are blind and a tool that will never understand that SONY DOESNT KNOW WHERE TO PUT THE ANALOG STICK

InMyOpinion5243d ago

Everyone knows that the 360 controller is better than the suxaxis, please.

calderra5243d ago

For those who missed it- 360's controller has publicly available drivers. It can be ported to pretty much anything.

M4RK19885243d ago

And we would'nt want to use the superior Xbox 360 controller on the inferior PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.