Enable Chrome's Best Features in Firefox

"Many of Chrome's best features are already available in Firefox 3, proving yet again the power of extensibility. From incognito browsing and the streamlined download manager to URL highlighting and improved search, let's take a look at how you can bring some of Google Chrome's best features to Firefox."

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Rikitatsu4325d ago

Faster than FireFox3

Thats why i am using it :)

I don't care about URL highlighting or Improved search

verb3k4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

@Riki: I am sorry to tell you that statistics prove you wrong!

Rikitatsu4325d ago

I didn't not based my judgment on statistics like some people like you do (Even though statistics favors Chrome)

I just simply tried both of them, Chrome is faster even without the AdblockPlus Add-on

ice_prophecy4325d ago

Google Chrome's infrastructure and goal in mind gives it potential to be greatly faster than firefox, albeit using more memory and processing power.

Baka-akaB4325d ago

More memory ? yes and no i'd say .

indeed it takes more initial memory , however unlike firefox 3 , it remains stable and doesnt go up .

I like firefox's interface , but it drives me to wall that it still hasnt fixed with it's 3rd version the main flaw imo : that damn memory leak .

For someone like me who enjoy keeping a huge amount of opened tabs , launch the browser with the same huge amount of tabs opening , it's a problem . Try having 350 mo of tabs+cache with firefox in memory , and let it on all night .. most likely by the morning it would have gone up to 500-600 mo .

My chrome cache in the beginning is heavier , but in the long haul remains the same , thus smaller .

Also any browser with its own personal taskbar and detailled infos on each tabs bandwith and memory usage , is a good friend of mine .

Chrome got some kinks to iron out , and a few missing interfaces features , but its shaping up really good , and already a good runner up for firefox imo .

tplarkin74325d ago

The main reason why Firefox is the best. AdBlock.

PopEmUp4325d ago

adblock come to chrome I think it's safe to used CHROME as your standard browser, and FIREFOX is your backup plan

Close_Second4325d ago

...and I'm hooked. It loads faster, it browses faster. Its simple and sleek.

To be honest, its still just a web browser and at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. Some will stay with IE, others with Firefox, etc. Use the one you like and live with it. Its not like its a major life changing event.

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