New Crysis High-Res Images (4000x3000)!

Voodoo Extreme has posted the 5 most recent screenshots in super high-resolution (4000x3000). Enjoy!

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Antan5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Woohoo!!! Staggering!!! Most anticipated game of the year for me now!!!!! Best gfx ive ever seen!!!!

Razzy5243d ago

....what kind of gaming rig are you going to need to run that game? $$$$$

CG5243d ago

Not every one owns £2000 gaming PC.

Antan5243d ago

true, but for the those of us who can afford it!! apaarently this was runnig on a single core setup coupled with a 8800gtx!! im not sure i believe that mind!!! i know they are really optimizing like mad to take advantage of multi core processors so maybe it will just be a case of Far Cry again which scaled very very well across a host of dif machines.

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The story is too old to be commented.