The Conduit online co-op being considered, sequel to be started right away, more

Eric Nofsinger and a few other developers of The Conduit have provided a ton of information regarding The Conduit on the latest IGN Nintendo Voice Chat. The team noted that they are looking into an online co-op mode, are planning to immediately start working on a sequel to the game once the first one is complete, and more. Full list of details at the link.

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Smacktard4319d ago

I love these guys. Great news! Too bad about the split-screen multiplayer, but everything else?... Goddamn. Gotta love 'em. Can't wait to find out who their publisher is.

BrotherNick4319d ago

These guys are really into outdoing themselves...realizing that some of us are eating their every word. I hope it will be a great game.

jtucker784319d ago

These guys are proper hardcore.

Good article - lots of info. I like.

High Voltage should use the balance board to come out of being crouched (a bit like Time Crisis).

The more I read about this game the more I want it. Don't let me down HV.

Product4319d ago

nice info,an actual article worth posting.This game will br great.

TheColbertinator4319d ago

High Voltage has earned my respect along with Bioware and Level 5.

jorgeanaya0004319d ago

I'm happy that these guys are really pushing it; too bad about split-screen but I'm sure they'll make it up in other ways. This game should be really good.

cemelc4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

OK if the 3er party community start taking notes on this game, i say the wii could have another 2 or 3 years of life. This is the type of game i buy a wii for, and ill fully back it up.

High Voltage is great studio @Steven Colbert i totally agree with you bubbles coming your way

TheColbertinator4319d ago

Thanks man

Bubbles for you too.

FantasyStar4319d ago

I'm not trying to be "that guy" but a game like this deserves co-op.

MvmntInGrn4319d ago

Of all the co-op/online features I believe(not positive) splitscrren takes up the most resources, graphically The Conduit is doing a lot on the Wii and some features may just be too much.

I haven't even bothered looking at Wii games since last year but I am mildly excited for The Conduit, the Wii remote is defiantly fun in FPS games so heres to hoping it turns out well.

Voiceofreason4319d ago

In over a year? No NMH? No SSBB,MKWii, Boom Blox? Man you're part of that casual crowd thats killing the industry..