Xbox Modded w/ 53 Emulators Installed

A brief, must see video for all Xbox emulation fantatics. This robustly packed Xbox features 53 different emulators. Everything has been meticulously renamed and catagorized.

Each emulator sports a custom made icon. All emulators are filled with a hand picked "GoodRom" set. Minus the bad dumps and over dumps.

53 Emulators, A GoodRom Set for Each Emulator. 50 N64. Complete MAME, CPS1+2+3, NeoGeo, DaphneX. CD Systems: Full US TG-16 CD Set. Full US Sega CD Set. 50 PSX. Various JPN CD Titles

Emus feature screen shots for every game and video preview in several emulators.

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BigKev453880d ago

The FBI must be all over his @ss now.

Rob0g0rilla3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Softmods are pretty easy to do but the HDD on the original Xbox is soo small. The Mame emulator plays CPS1 & CPS2 games at full speed. You can even upgrade the ram.

Bathyj3880d ago

If I could choose one thing for PS3, it would be MAME. Wonderboy, Rygar and Bombjack on the DS3. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAME !

SabreMan3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

You can use mame on a ps3 but you must install linux
we may see people getting on there high horses about emulation but the vast majority of gamers have emulated games at some point with an emulator

tk3880d ago

Get a ZX Spectrum emulator - play Sabrewulf, Ant Attack, Highway Encounter...

Heck on my phone I have a couple of emulators loaded already. PocketMAME, PocketClive... play Sabrewulf on my phone.

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