PlayStation Beyond: Silent Hill: Homecoming preview

PSB writes:

The chilling sound of a blaring war siren is muffled by the heavy fog. Day gives way to night. Walls peel away, revealing rusted wire frames entwined with barbed wire. The white floor tiles decay, leaving a smattering of blood and dirt in it's place. Lights dim and flicker before shutting off completely. Twisted ululations fill the air. Its a scene all too familiar to Silent Hill fans, but never before has it created such a horrifyingly visceral feeling of raw terror as it does in the latest offering of the series, Silent Hill: Homecoming.

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gauntletpython4319d ago

can't wait for this game... silent hill is the king of survival horror! forget those cheap scares from RE, silent hill is true horror

SullyDrake4319d ago

But look at it already; it's next-gen Silent Hill with good combat - I'm sold. Add Trophy support and I'm thrilled.

GeneralMaximus4319d ago

Well lets hope this game can deliver