It's Outrageous: The Wii Costs More than an Xbox 360

Kombo writes: "It's official. Microsoft will be dropping the price of Xbox 360 on September 5, and the cheapest SKU will sell for less than the Wii. Of course, Nintendo won't respond to this price drop with its own -- not unless Xbox 360 sales start eating away at Wii's. So, perhaps in a month, if that's the case, Nintendo will react by dropping Wii's price. I truly do hope that we see a noticeable rise in Xbox 360 hardware sales and a huge dip in Wii sales during September. The Wii just shouldn't cost more than the Xbox 360 (even the gimped, HDD-less Xbox 360 Arcade)."

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pwnsause4319d ago

want to know whats even more funnier, the Wii outsells the 360 in EU even though the 360 is cheaper than the wii. The same is going to happen in the US.

Raoh4319d ago


with LIVE woudlnt they b the same price?

ape0074318d ago


the gimmicky wiimote and nunchuk cost much more

plus you'll have a free month of live the first time you sigh up

and btw,live deserve that much money,cause I pay what I get and what I get is the best online service in gaming

sure psn has its advantages over live but overall live is better

barom4318d ago

Live may be better than PSN, but it's not the best online service out there. PC gaming is still by far better, simply because you can do pretty much WHATEVER you like if you got the memory to support it. Burn a CD, play some music, voice chat, regular chat (msn, aim), and even watch a movie side by side if you want to. The only thing it misses is GamerScore which is a GOOD thing for ONLINE gaming.

Best of all, it all is pretty much free. So hmmm. It's better and it's free? Doesn't sound like Live is worth the money to me.

TheTwelve4318d ago

Don't understand why this is so shocking. When a console is selling the poorest against two rivals, it has no choice but to be priced lower then the rest in order to compete and get a boost. *shrug*


soxfan20054318d ago

Since this is a US price drop, the last place console you are referring to must be the PS3. Maybe a price drop by Sony could help it compete.

Homicide4318d ago

The PS3 is also outselling the 360 in EU, and the PS3 is priced 2x or more than the 360.

jmare4318d ago

Maybe you've been on Live too long, but the 360 has been outsold by both the Wii and the PS3 this year so far in every territory. The Wii isn't so surprising as the Wii is selling ridiculously. What is surprising (and alarming to MS) is that a higher priced competitor is outselling them consistantly. So the last place console is the 360.

madmike4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

is that its out sold the ps3 and that its still in third place really funny . people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ps look at all them agrees you sony sheep are a sad lot

uie4rhig4318d ago

i wonder wot the stats will be after tomorrow in the US.. i mean today people have probably not bought too many xboxes coz its getting cheaper.. (meaning they'd wait if they were to buy it today).. i think the sales will go through the roof for a few weeks lol.. they it might (note: MIGHT) outsell ps3 for a bit longer, then the sales will return to how they are now lol

soxfan20054318d ago

If you live in Europe or Japan, congratulations - brag about PS3 all you want. In the US, which is the focus of the 360 price drop, Wii is first, 360 is second, and PS3 is last, regardless of how many were sold just this year. Sony may win some battles, but they are losing the war. Since I live in the US, I will only comment about the US race.

dantesparda4318d ago

Its been winning every battle this year, its won every month this year except one, maybe two. The only reason the 360 is ahead of the PS3 is because it came out a year earlier. But its getting outsold!

sumfood4u4318d ago

What is more Outrageous are the Genius behind Xbox Live. the customers should be more piss about Live than its competition!

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QueefyB_Angelitos4319d ago

It's Outrageous: The Whopper jr satisfies better, but the 360 is still going head to head on best beef.

Stryfeno24319d ago

I have a feeling Nintendo will soon drop the price on the Wii maybe by Spring/Summer 09. As for now, they are sitting pretty.

Monteblanco4319d ago

Kombo still don't get a basic economic principle, which is, price is not correlated with fabrication cost but rather with the willingness to pay of the customer. Microsoft is trying to win customers through price, which is rarely a good business strategy. I would rather have higher quality standards.

jtucker784318d ago

That's completely true.

If I took a sh1t in a cup and someone was willing to pay $1000 for my waste, then my waste would be worth $1000.

BrotherNick4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Hehe, it matters more how people perceive the 360...if we don't see a huge bump, then that means the quality is at fault. We don't know yet. 200 is nice, I will get one at christmas.

Cryos4318d ago

Tell you what, I could get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a butcher's @ss, but i'd rather take the bulls word for it......

no wait!??!?!???

dro4319d ago

true say,im in europe and u can get the 360 for £150 but people i know still choose the ps3 or wii, i dont know y. i guess us in europe just likes japan made consoles or were just used to having a nintendo and sony product in our house hold.
like i said before if this price drop dose not help out sell the ps3 again in america then nothing will help it, america is 360 home turf and if it keeps getting out sold there by the ps3 which is double or triple the amount then something is wrong.