GameStop exec says PS3 is in abundant supply.

Daniel A. DeMatteo, vice chairman and COO of GameStop, late last week said PS3s are available at "hundreds of the company's 3,700 outlets," according to the New York Times. The Wii, on the other hand, is still hard to come by.

Over the weekend, GameSpot editors visited a local EB Games, which is owned by GameStop, and found PS3s available for purchase.

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CG5237d ago

I thought the ps3 was flying off the shelves due to overwhelming demand...
oh silly me!!

Nodoze5236d ago

Here we see yet another shining example of why Sony did not provide SELL THROUGH numbers, but instead opted for the 'shipped' number of 1 million.

Best still has PS3's available
Gamestop still has PS3's available
Other retail locations have them available

Sony must be getting a bit scared at this point. Perhaps all of those fans who would buy it 'simply because it said Sony on it' are trying to save up enough money to make the purchase.

Perhaps it is a bit too early to predict how things will turn out, but Nintendo is smelling like roses, MS is doing much better than last gen, and Sony is still holding on dearly to the PS2.

Who wants to bet there will be a shift in marketing strategy BACK to the PS2 once they realize how much of a failure the PS3 really is!?

Sure the graphics look like crap
Sure it is last gen
But it has vibration and 100 million install base

please come back to the PS2.....we need you...

THAMMER15236d ago (Edited 5236d ago )

The slower they sale sooner they will be forced into a price drop. Just like the Game cube. $99.99 and a free 1st. party game ring any bells for any one.

If the 360 was this available last year they would have hit the 10 mill. mark 2 - 3 months ago.

Groom5236d ago

This must be the third or fouth day in a row (allmost) this "news" gets posted here.

Come on.. There HAS to be something more interesting out there.

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The story is too old to be commented.