TITAN X Announced For $1199, features 11TFLOPS, 60% Faster, 2nd August Launch

The monstrosity from Nvidia is here. Yet we thought that Nvidia’s GTX 1080 is a reckless GPU and forgot about the Titan lineup. Today, Nvidia announced their GTX Titan X which features big improvements over the Maxwell-based Titan. Nvidia claims this new GPU will be 60% faster than the last generation Titan X.

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ShadowKnight2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I wonder how much will the GTX 1080ti cost? 🤔hmmm

FasterThanFTL12630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

If there is one it won't be less than $799-$849 MSRP. But I don't think there will be a 1080 Ti this time around. And why should they release a GTX 1080 Ti when there is no AMD equivalent. AMD's Vega at best will probably have performance in the GTX 1070 to GTX 1080 range.

GeeksULTD2629d ago

The RX 490 by AMD will most likely target Nvidia's GTX 1080, I would expect much a bump from them, just trade blows between both cards.

freshslicepizza2629d ago

i think there will be a 1080Ti model and your pricing looks about right. it will come with 10gb of gddr5x ram.

mikeslemonade2629d ago

Not sensible to call it a Titan X again.

Unspoken2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

No competition means we charge what we want. Let the price gouging commence.

UltimateMaster2629d ago

Not really worth the purchase.
Then again this is really high end and it's not meant for the vast majority of customers.

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GeeksULTD2629d ago

Yeah, comparing it as a single GPU is WHOA! DAMN 11TFLOPS. They have really gotten close to HBM1 here!

Qdog2629d ago

Yeah thats quite a lot of power there, reminds me of the R9 295x2 with 11,466 Teraflops from the factory, but for a single GPU card to be competing with a dual GPU card at such a high level means the Titan is living up to its name.

DarkHeroZX2629d ago

The R9 295x2 counts as two cards though. Remember it is 2 cards in a single form factor.

Qdog2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Yes absolutely! I thought I stated as much.... Regardless, if DX12 really kicks off with its agnostic approach, its going to change a lot of perceptions on multi GPU performance, shared vram pool, multi brand support, asynchronous computing, etc.

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GeeksULTD2629d ago

I can just imagine how much of that 44TFLOPs used for deep learning would be put to use. HMMMM