The Best Infamous Games: All 5 Ranked

With a vast array of powers to accompany enormous sandbox environments, Sucker Punch's Infamous games have afforded PlayStation owners with dozens of hours worth of super powered fun. Which one's the best of the bunch?

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stalepie820d ago

I feel like there should have been an arcade mode DLC for Eugene.

Shadowolf820d ago

Wow, that would have been a great idea.

Shadowolf820d ago

Not a bad direction list of rating the best Infamous games. Though I would still put the original Infamous over Infamous: First Light simply based on the amount of content afforded in the first game. However, there is no denying that First Light was great!

-Foxtrot820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

Infamous Second Son over Infamous...whaaaa

I'm sorry but apart from a decent soundtrack and pretty graphics along with animations Second Son felt like a step back

Story wasn't as good
Characters were forgettable
Delsin just wasn't as likeable
Delsins "I bloody love my powers" development we've seen more times then Cole's "I don't want this" development
Story didn't have a big ass twist
Side characters felt like they were added to show off new powers, more then Infamous 2s
Felt unfinished (the Rock power for example)
Villain wasn't developed well
Felt more repetitive then last games
The one good character, Reggie, they killed off
Lack of morale choices
Lack of move sets for powers

Like I've said only way I could redeem it is if they go off the Evil ending, make Delsin loose control after his brother dying and being outcast by his tribe and have him become the REAL Beast, the one Kessler talked about, John being something else that was mistaken for him.

In the end this would be a Beast origin story and it would be epic. I just think Cole went off the good endings so Delsin should go off the evil ones.

Bring back Cole for the final fight in inFAMOUS 3 and close his story for good.

Seriously with Reggies view on Conduits it would have been more interesting to see him get powers instead and hate himself only to accept himself in the end. Probably should have done a DLC where he survived and got water powers, the other two being the cut powers like glass, paper and steel.

TorpeAlex818d ago (Edited 818d ago )

It's still possible he survived, having his powers activated by Augustine's attack and them manifesting when he fell. I think Sucker Punch's statement is on the record as, "We'll never do something boring like fire or water because it would be too easy and cliché."

Big_Game_Hunters818d ago

And rocks and electricity aren't cliche?i still like the infamous games but SP went downhill after slycooper IMO, Thank god They aren't making the new spiderman like the rumours say.

-Foxtrot818d ago

I hope he is

Imagine if him and Cole need to team up to stop Delsin

Even if he's not the real Beast but still a threat brother vs brother would be amazing

Fletch and Eugene would be bosses to unlock each new area

Could team up with Zeke aswell

TorpeAlex818d ago

@Big_Game_Hunters Convenient of you to leave out smoke, neon, video, glass and paper.

NukaCola818d ago

inFAMOUS - Best Story
inFAMOUS 2 - Overall Best Experience
inF2: Festival of Blood - Epic DLC
Second Son - Best Gameplay
SS: First Light - Best Combat

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I_am_Batman820d ago

Really hard to choose between the main games. Infamous 1 has the best story but Second Son has the best gameplay. Infamous 2 has the best soundtrack and it has the strongest overall package imo.

ShadowKnight818d ago

Infamous 2 and soundtrack was incredible

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The story is too old to be commented.