Nintendo Enabled a Fan to Keep a Lost Brother Around Thanks to Breath of the Wild

Zelda Informer: "The story I am about to share is equal parts sad as it is joyous. Obviously those of us around the Zelda Informer office have been completely enamored by Breath of the Wild. All of us also grew up with..."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1647d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Damn, that put a tear in my eye...

Cory's bro, who loved Twilight Princess and felt a special connection with Wolf Link, dies to Epilepsy, then Nintendo comes out with the fact that you can have Wolf Link journey with you in BotW, which both brothers were looking forward to.
Cory's going to get to go on one last big adventure... with his departed brother, brought back through his amiibo, right beside him, helping and protecting him the whole way...

I need a mountain's worth of tissues. Excuse me...T_T

Satou1646d ago

I have a similar story... albeit not official, my sister died and she resembles Tifa Lockhart really well. I feel like FFVIIR is going to be my last gaming run with her.

strayanalog1646d ago

That was a wonderfully heartfelt story. One of the best examples of the very essence of why we all play.