TeamXbox: FIFA 09 Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Electronic Arts recently held a Studio Showcase event which allowed journalists from all over the globe try out its latest wares. Not surprisingly, the FIFA 09 demo was teeming with press peoples. Even less of a shocker was that most of said press was international.

Even though executive editor Tom Price prefers pigskin over "footie," you can tell from his Studio Showcase hands-on time that he came away impressed with what EACA will be offering up when FIFA 09 releases mid-October.

After a bit of begging and pleading, Electronic Arts Canada sent us the Alpha code of the FIFA 09 that was available for play at its Studio Showcase. We're the only outlet to have this code, and thus the only site that can give you a better understanding of what FIFA 09 will bring to the 360's pitch. Keep in mind, however, that this version of FIFA 09 is only about 80% complete, so we still don't have the full grasp of how FIFA 09 will play in its golden state. We were promised updated code in the near future, however, which means an updated impressions piece will likely come before FIFA 09's scheduled October 14th ship date. "

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