Destiny's Rise of Iron New Light Level Cap Leaked?

Did Bungie just leak the new light level cap?

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i3eyond the Circle915d ago

I think they'll do more than just a 20 light level increase. 400-420 with heroic raid content sounds gravy.

discobastard915d ago


Really looking forward to getting back in to it. Had some great times and meet some great people through those game!

Kabaneri915d ago

Just end it already and do the sequel, I really doubt that the playerbase is substantial at this point.

brokasfawk915d ago

It's still doing very well on both PS4 and X1
I actually see new players coming in on both systems quite often

Goldby915d ago

new players, or just new avatars so people can run the raids more than once a week

GrimDragon915d ago

Definitely don't think the cap will be 355. Way too little. Especially with a new story line, raids etc we'd reach that cap in less than 12 hours. 400 seems more likely.

Parasyte915d ago

The videos I've seen speculate it being at around 420-430 which seems about right to me.

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