VGChartz reviews Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

Torillian from VGChartz writes: "Overall, Disgaea 3 is an incredible value at fifty dollars US, and is a whole lot of good natured fun. If you can get past the subpar visuals of the game, then it can be a great introduction into the SRPG genre. The story is humorous, the music is catchy, and the voice-overs are fitting, and if you become a true hardcore fan then you will be busy for many months. That said, this is still mainly a game for the established SRPG fan, and if you have already tried and disliked the genre then there is nothing in Disgaea 3 that I think will change your mind. It is a perfect example of an SRPG for SRPG fans, but I don't think it has anything incredibly innovative or new that could bring someone who already dislikes SRPGs into the genre."

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TheHater4332d ago

Wait, now Vgchartz are reviewing games? They are crap when it comes to sales number, and no one trust them with that. They think people will trust their reviews?

Tacki4332d ago

I agree. If only they used a numerical system for their reviews. We could add 50,000-100,000 points to their PS3 reviews and get the actual score.

zo6_lover274332d ago

I was thinking the same thing.
Since when did VGC review games?

Surfman4332d ago

is this game really good?

Homicide4332d ago

Yeah, it's pretty good. If you haven't played the previous games, then rent it to try it out.