Famitsu : Kirby Super Star Ultra dated in Japan

According to a Famitsu scan, Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS, scheduled for September 22 in the US, should be out on November 6 in Japan. This remake of the original game on Super Nintendo includes 2 new modes, Revenge of the King and Meta Knight Ultra, and will also have 3 mini games using touch screen.

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Xbox360_Mujahid4330d ago

infidels ! u actually play this game ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

TheColbertinator4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Sweet.Kirby on the SNES was great


Ah crap.Your back? Seriously dude,go away.Your annoying.


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Microsoft_Warrior4330d ago

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TheColbertinator4330d ago

So all three of your accounts are here? By the way,how's Sarah?

Microsoft_Warrior4330d ago

sarah is ok we're getting back 2gether actually that's why i'm so happy
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TheColbertinator4330d ago

Ooook whatever.First off I dont care for Sony or Microsoft just the PS3/360.As for Sarah,keep a leash on her

Xbox360_Mujahid4330d ago

shut up u droid ur a ps2.5 fan boy

TheColbertinator4330d ago

No I'm not.I'm a SEGA fanboy hence my avatar but the only reason why I don't like you is because your just annoying

Xbox360_Mujahid4330d ago

cool btw i think the dreamcast is the best console ever
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TheColbertinator4330d ago

lol I guess.

Yes Shenmue was awesome.So was Jet Set Grind,Crazy Taxi,Skies of Arcadia and Phantasy Star

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Kill Sarah4330d ago

what the hell is this ?

this game is so gay !

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Le-mo4330d ago

I know, I am very happy. Thanks for the courteous comments guys.

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