Burnout Dominator Interview, Trailer and New Screens

Though Criterion is hard at work on Burnout 5 for next-gen systems, PlayStation 2 and PSP gamers won't be left in the dust. Burnout Dominator is coming to the aforementioned systems this March, and to find out what it's all about IGN fired off a handful of questions to the game's senior producer, Nick Channon.

MaximusPrime6169d ago

i cant wait for this game. i already hooked up my new xbox 360 console and now my ps2 console doesnt work. i got to rewire it. arrrggghh


Ranking The Burnout Games From Worst To Best

Cultured Vultures: The Burnout series has plenty of great games to play, but which one is definitively the best? We're here to rank them all.

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waverider855d ago

I think the crash mode should comeback. Tryng to make the most damage was very cool.

camel_toad855d ago

That mode was so damn fun. Couldn't believe it when they ditched it.

Flewid638855d ago (Edited 855d ago )


Flewid638855d ago (Edited 855d ago )

Yeah that made for a good time.

Rebel_Scum855d ago

Burnout 2 should be above 3 imo. The aftertouch takedown mechanic slowed down the gameplay too much in 3.

Flewid638855d ago

That's the mechanic that made me enjoy Burnout 3 over the others. It wasn't until they introduced it that I considered the series any good.

Chocoburger855d ago

I love Takedown, Revenge, and Paradise. Dominator was okay, but it clearly felt like a B-tier game.

After playing those awesome games, I went back to try out part 1 and it was rough. I didn't like the controls (whereas the others felt perfect to me), the elevator music was generic and not enjoyable to listen to.

Finally the game's difficulty was extremely high. I could beat all single player races in Takedown, Revenge, Paradise, Dominator, but could not get first place in the very first race for the first Burnout game. It demands perfection and one slight mistake is all it takes to lose. I have yet to play part 2, but I'm hoping it's more like part 3 than part 1.

DeusFever855d ago

Burnout Takedown is my favorite racing game of all time. My wife was addicted to crash mode.

Xenial854d ago

As soon as I saw Burnout 3: Takedown at #1, I knew the list was legit. lol


The Video Game Survival Guide to The End of the World

[David Jagneaux] If the Mayans are correct, the world will (or did, depending on when or if you read this) on December 21st, 2012. While we have survived many doomsday scares in the past and there really isn’t proof that anything is going to happen, the saying always goes: better safe than sorry. Which brings us to the most important question: If the world does end, how will it happen? As a society, we have fantasized over apocalyptic events for so long and developed so many theories, who even knows what could possibly happen?

I have constructed this survival guide for all gamers to refer back to. Even if the Mayans are wrong and we live on for X more years, the end of the world will probably happen one day. Consider this our definitive source of information to survive a world-ending catastrophe – as a gamer. Each possible world-ending event (that I could reasonably think of) has been detailed along with a game or two you should play to prepare and one you should not play to prepare. Obviously there will be plenty of games I didn’t include, in which case, I encourage you to comment down below. It’s your duty, as a citizen of this world, to help us all out. Get out your journals class, it’s time to take notes!

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caffman5645d ago

or a wii
or a ds
or a PSP
or a PC
just go with what you fancy buying

Bill Gates5645d ago

We're in mid JUNE not mid NOVEMBER.

Man this site sometimes gets filled right to the top with shiit.

caffman5645d ago

are the biggest piece here!