Sudden Attack 2 – Female characters to be removed for inappropriate poses

Yesterday, the CEO of GameHi (or Nexon GT), developer of Sudden Attack 2, issued a letter of apology on the game website. Barely a week into launch, it seems the community has complained about the inappropriate poses and disturbing expressions 2 female characters, Miya and Ji-Yoon Kim, have exhibited in the Unreal Engine 3 online shooter.

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SaveFerris1481d ago

Seems like the fans of this game are quite sensitive but it is good that the developers are listening to the concerns of the community.

Highlife1481d ago

Seems like free publicity for the game to me. Never heard of this game and probably wouldn't have.

XanderZane1480d ago

I agree. Still have no interest in it. This is a "M-Mature" rated game I'm sure, so some of this stuff is to be expected.

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Erik73571480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Yea thats a positive way of looking at it I guess...

rainslacker1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Most of those picture's racyness seemed more due to a ragdoll physics model than actual poses for the game. Couple seemed like poses, but I doubt poses take place when your character is dead covered in blood on the ground, and some seemed more like purposeful camera angles. Facial expressions I suppose could get some people riled up, but people are too oversensitive.

So is this a large portion of their community, or just some random people tweeting out how bad it is for the children?

TrollsBringer1480d ago

Good. The less shameful stuff in gaming, the better. Gamers should stop being horny all the time. It's not natural.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1481d ago

Wait what? Why? It's rag doll physics. To see a company go this far due to a few anomalies is ludicrous.

AnotherProGamer1481d ago

Hey don't you know physics are sexist

NecoTehSergal1481d ago

If Icecaps and Air conditioners can be sexist, so can physics. [/Feminism]

Erik73571480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

It's the slurtty costumes they are wearing that make the poses look inappropriate, he isn't gonna get rid of rag doll physics LOL

PaleMoonDeath1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )


Edit: Anyone defending these censors is obviously part of this weird crap going on in America, SJW's are screwing with my entertainment. Our free speech and our bloody art and culture and even movies. This HAS to stop!!!

SenorFartCushion1481d ago

This isn't censoring. The government censors. This is the people who have BOUGHT THE GAME saying "stop being creepy."

DragonKnight1481d ago

This IS censorship. Stop trying to push the narrative that only the government can censor, preventing anyone else that exerts pressure to gain control over expression from any culpability.

ONESHOTV21481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

SenorFartCushion------ dude i'm no child i dont need a company telling me what i can look at or what they call being healthy we are humans some people enjoy this type of entertainment on the same note some thing simple as rag doll physics should not be a problem look at skyrim it has great ragdoll when you mod it you can even take off the clothes off the dead why didnt any one attack it when they saw that i see things like SJW as a trend that needs to die off i dont give one crap about what you think is normal just leave the games alone stamp them with a rating system if it becomes a problem for the so called normal people. i think this is a good example

PaleMoonDeath1481d ago

Censoring our art, games, and free speech. This goverment is buggered. Trump 2016.

This has to stop. America is the damn land of freedom, it's influence on the world is unbelievable, stand up to these SJW's and freaks trying to censor us, I'm seeing this FAR to often now and it's genuinely pissing me off.

S2Killinit1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Trump is more concerned with not censoring racism. When it comes to games he will be screaming along with the rest of the conservatives about the evils of video games. That way their sponsors can shift the blame to some other industry while they arm the nation with machine guns and assault rifles.

trooper_1480d ago

Censorship is getting out of hand.

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mopground1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

i believe the soviets used the terms "do gooders" and "useful idiots"

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ShinRon1481d ago

Its not censoring when the customer base makes a request and a dev/pub responds
... its not much different than an buff or nerf.

As a long time Street Fighter player it does get awkward playing the game with my 13 year old in front of his mom when he uses Mika and i use Cammy.

And also, its some jigglyboobs and a crotch shot, if youre gonna fight censorship, make it be for a more noble cause.... like e3 booth girls.

DragonKnight1481d ago

13 year old? Man you're too delicate. Bet the 13 year old isn't even thinking about it and if the mom hasn't said anything then what's the problem?

Also, it is censoring because the audience is exerting pressure to change expression. That's censorship.

Quickstrike1481d ago

It is censoring when a specific special interest group (SJWs) want something removed because it offends them and their special snowflake safe zone bubble.

PaleMoonDeath1481d ago

I watched my dad blow apart zombies in Resident Evil 2 with a shotgun when I was 7 years old, Nuke Dukem babes at 10, and beautiful clad girls in Final Fantasy games from 5! Don't play it in front of the kid, or the kid won't understand or care. Toughen up, the 13 year old would love it, the rest of us don't need too and we out number you tenfold.

All these beautiful girls do is make ugly girls angry, wonder why? because boys want beautiful women. the Feminist's are butthurt for a reason, because they refuse to get healthy and lose weight to appeal to good looking men.

s45gr321480d ago

So what is the purpose of the rating system. So, it makes you uncomfortable playing Grand Theft Auto with your 13 year old or MGS V. The rating system is there to let parents know that a M rated game is for adults. Censorship is not the answer, is time for parents to raise their child and let them know what is real what is fantasy.

goathouse7741480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

You're an exception to the mostly reasonable game-buying public. Your sensitivity, collectively, is ruining EVERYTHING. When people hear these stories, they genuinely want to reach through the internet and wring your neck. Play something else, if it bothers you so much.

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Kalebninja1481d ago ShowReplies(10)
ShakyTown1481d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

This has nothing to do with America, it was the Korean media that brought attention to these potentially lewd ragdoll moments. It doesn't personally offend me or my individual tastes but it must have upset enough KOREANS to warrant the developers decision to make changes.

I can see how you would feel an affinity for Trump as neither of you seem to know what the fuck you're talking about or have any basic knowledge of how to form complex thoughts.

None of these companies are being censored in any way. They are reacting to what their public is telling them, that they might lose money by creating a product that has a divisive element to it. It's up to the developers to decide whether or not they wish to make changes to maximize their games sales potential. That's really what it all comes down to... Money.

As an example, DOA hasn't removed their jiggle physics because it's core to the game and it's why it sells units in the first place. In this instance objectification of women helps to sell their game. Money is the motivator as always.

@JOWAPPO I actually agree with almost everything you said. I'm just so sick of hearing people blame the SJW's when nobody is being forced to change anything. Maybe people should be holding developers responsible for their lack of steadfastness in defending their "artistic vision"

If it truly is a vocal minority of people who aren't even a part of their player base that is causing these changes, I'd say the developers need to grow a pair and tell those people to fuck off.

JOWAPPO1481d ago

"None of these companies are being censored in any way."

Of course not, they're censoring themselves. Why do so many people have this incredibly specific idea of what censorship is? Censorship is the simply put, the suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security. That doesn't mean people/companies can't do it to themselves. It's an act, not necessarily an authority act.

"They are reacting to what their public is telling them, that they might lose money by creating a product that has a divisive element to it. It's up to the developers to decide whether or not they wish to make changes to maximize their games sales potential. That's really what it all comes down to... Money."

You're right about that, but that's when we're talking about profit. In terms of artistic expression it is very much an example of suppressing your own ideas for the sake of what others have decided is "acceptable" (and morally, not technically). No one is forcing their hand, but what is being changed is something that will only cater to a certain type of person, unlike people who don't want to play broken games.

And unless their audience is primarily made up of people who are extremely sensitive to this kind of thing (pervy crap), I don't see why the Devs put scantily-clad women in at all. That isn't very logical. That tells me that that kind of person wasn't the target audience to begin with, so why are the Devs worried about upsetting them?

It's like how everyone was falling over themselves to cater to the progressives who weren't even going to buy their games. If it isn't made for them in the first place, then why are you listening to them? that can only harm the potential profit you'd receive from those who ARE buying the game.

Although this is an exceptional example, right? Because it's actually a big enough part of the playerbase who're complaining? That, and it's a whole 'nother country.

PaleMoonDeath1481d ago

I should probably mention.. I'm not American, I'm British. I've been keeping an eye on all this mayhem that's going on in America and Europe as freedeom of speech and censor's are trying to be pushed upon free thinking folk, they fight with feelings, we luckily have facts to combat with. America has a huge influence on the rest of the globe, the number 1# example if a country of freedom, if the Americans say "This is sexist!" or "This is racist!" you best believe the rest of the globe minus Islam of course will follow suite just to appeal to the Americans as a market. I don't agree with everything Trump says but I enjoy his stand against censorship, lies, and corruption the left party is allowing. Our media is now effected, with Ghostbusters and an increasing number of censorships on OUR video-games the very thing we need to escape the chaos of what's happening out there.

You were awfully quick to judge me amigo, If I were American I would support Trump to save our video-games and media from this very real threat. These censors are result of the SJW crowd, a very small but VERY loud group that are effecting the rest of us. It's terrifying, and I strongly believe if Trump gets in, it'll will be exposed by mass media for the monster it is, even though it is common knowledge amongst people here, not many actually know this is going on. Keep up the good fight lads, love from Scotland!

rainslacker1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Maybe, but they marketed the game as sexy. Overall, it's not really based on the screenshots, but the marketing of the game has all involved pretty sexy celebrities doing their thing to promote the game....not that I found any of that content quite as racy as some of the screenshots shown, but most of those seemed more a problem with the ragdoll physics, and people who don't like it when a woman's face has any hint of something that could be considered sexual in it's expression.

Seems a bit disingenuous to now just change something that someone found offensive, and if it's the Korean media, and they felt compelled to change it, that borders on censorship. Not forced censorship, but censorship borne from the reaction of a vocal outside source that may or may not have interest in the game itself.

Erik73571480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I mean you have a right to make it and always will so take a chill pill and sit back but it won't stop you by being scrutinized by the rest or society. I know n4g contains 90% males between the ages of 13-25 so I know my opinion will be a minority but I thinks it's bullshit if your a woman playing games like this and having to play as a woman character in a game that looks like a booth babe instead of a soldier like the men characters in this game look is just because of low class shitty character design is what your defending skewed towards males for your looser boner endusing pleasure.

It's not to big of a deal but it's just annoying for women who wanna play as a soldier but not look like a hooker on the street

rainslacker1480d ago

The male characters in this game would be what most women would consider sexy, and they are prone to the same ridiculous poses as the women are since as far as I can tell, most of them are just a byproduct of the physics design of the game. For the most part, while playing the game, you don't see stuff like that because it's a FPS, and by the time you're done killing someone, you're moving on to the next person to kill.

PaleMoonDeath1480d ago

Video-games, movies, comic books and pretty much every media has beautiful women and certain clothing, believe it or not most women prefer the beautiful girls in whatever clothes they have, the minority are the one's lashing out at these things and if you take a look at who represents them.. You can see why not the most attractive bunch the SJW crowd are they?

Same can be said about men, Big Boss is a beautiful man, so is Duke Nukem.. Raiden.. jeez, even the common soldier! it's a double edged sword and it's not an issue for either side for what.. 50+ years? Don't like it? don't play it. Don't like it? don't watch it, Don't like it? don't read it. You know.. like normal people, the SJW cause is falling hard now that people have lashed back at it, Yes we want beautiful women, yes we want beautiful men. 2016 has given an unfortunate voice to a horrible, selfish, disgusting community against men and women in general. SJW's will be crushed. Do not allow their TRULY sexist cause threaten creators and our pleasure.

s45gr321480d ago

Thank you. We are adults are we not, we can differentiate between fantasy and reality. The majority of today's gamers are adults, according to scientists/researchers, already. Stop treating adult gamers like kids.

ShakyTown1480d ago

Why would you assume most adults can differentiate between fantasy and reality? Donald Trump could be voted in as president due to a large % of the population who clearly can't differentiate between the two.

MyDietEqualsGames1480d ago

My comment was flag for being inappropriate. I feel the irony surging through my post. Lol!!

Idiedgoodbye1480d ago

Bloody hell I agree with you

PaleMoonDeath1480d ago

Really happy that the community here by majority agree with me, I love seeing people come together and protect what they love, the few that tried to argue with us used insults as statements and lost to facts, preference and by a large majority, no to censorship. We do not need somebody else to say what we can enjoy or not, and I've much more faith in this N4G community as a result. Kudos to you all! hope everyone has a damned good day.

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feraldrgn1481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

What the heck is inappropriate about that?
Like Kyosuke mentioned, this is ragdoll physics, they're not "poses" & you can see how the pictures have been taken at specific angles to get that effect.

So some games get criticised when they don't have female characters, but others get criticised when they do?

LackTrue4K1481d ago

Lol!! It's clear in one image that there shot her in the a$$. As the gun is aiming there when the body is dead.

That is not the developmenters Falt that there users are freaks!!

opinionated1481d ago

"I apologize for my art" - 2016