IGN: Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli PS2 Review

IGN writes: "The simulation racing genre is a hard nut to crack, especially on a PlayStation system given the dominance of Gran Turismo, but System 3 and Eutechnyx are going for the pole position with Ferrari Challenge. The game cuts right to the chase and puts players behind the wheel of more than 50 different cars from the Italian maker and lets you compete in the famed Ferrari Challenge racing series.

That bit aside, what Ferrari Challenge does right is the actual driving simulation. Regardless of which Ferrari you're behind the wheel of, the car will drive expectedly, ranging from raw power and performance of the newer models to the rather unassisted handling of models from the '50s and earlier. Eutechnyx has done a great job of implementing a physics engine that properly simulates each of the cars' handling, giving you good feedback over how much power you're asking out of the car and how much it's delivering to you at any given moment. Good stuff here. It is worth noting that the PS2 version feels a little more arcadey than its PS3 counterpart, but they both drive well."

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