Why the Piracy "Crisis" Is Overblown

Almost every day gamers hear about the demise of the PC due to high levels of piracy. Crytek's Cevat Yerli recently put the ratio of genuine vs illegal copies of Crysis at 1:15 - but what's the reality?

EDGE is pretty damn sure Crysis - which Yerli claims "leads the charts in piracy by a large margin" - isn't suffering to the degree those numbers suggest, and they can tell you why. The online gaming service GameShadow uses its client side software to automatically patch the games of over 1 million subscribers. As it does this, the software also (anonymously and voluntarily) records various details about those users' games, and filters them back out through a reporting tool.

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XCWarrior4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

"Revenues on some PC titles may well be down by as much as 15% - 20% due to piracy, but I've yet to see evidence for any greater piracy related impact on the platform's decline."

Is this guy for real? How about someone takes 15 to 20% of his salary away every paycheck. I'm sure he wouldn't mind that one bit. I'm already broke. Take away 20 percent and I'll be living in my parent's house until the end of time.

Piracy is a MAJOR problem. Throwing around numbers to try and confuse us is not going to solve the problem.

ar4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

You missed the point. He isn't saying that 15%-20% loss in revenues isn't a problem, he is saying that some titles have a piracy problem but for the platform as a whole the piracy problem is greatly overblown.

"Revenues on SOME PC titles may well be down by as much as 15% - 20% due to piracy, but I've yet to see evidence for any greater piracy related impact on the PLATFORM'S DECLINE."

PikkonX4327d ago

Piracy has always been here (whether it was done with floppy disks or the current downloading method) and it is here to stay. Though it is much easier to pull off now than it was a few years ago. The solution for developers is to create games that people actually feel like paying for (without the ridiculous DRM limitations on the discs) or to just release everything on the PS3 where nothing can be pirated as of yet lol. A lot of PC retail games treat the consumers like they did something wrong, by giving limits on how often you can install and uninstall something you spent money on.

TheIneffableBob4327d ago

Piracy is a problem, but not a ridiculously huge problem that so many people make it out to be. Piracy in the gaming industry is similar to piracy in the movie and music markets. Piracy hurts sales, but not by a stupidly huge amount.

kittoo4327d ago

There were at least 7-8 million sellar titles in last year. I can count if someone wants. Crysis sold about 2 million, and will sell over time. What coulf they expect from a game which is so hardware dmanding that most of the people cant even play at medium?
I am not saying it wasnt a good game. It was an awesome game if you have proper rig. The point is that it has become easy to blame on piracy, rather than admitting faults in the game itself. How the hell Lost planet sold so good on PCs if the people werent buying? It was a decent game, even on PC, so it sold. Now DMC4 doesnt sell and Capcom blames on piracy. Why would a game sell on PCs when you dont even proveide mouse support? The controls of DMC4 on keyboard are so hard that you will want to smash your head on screen.
Look at Orange box, it sold more than the consoles combined. It was a good game, not demanding and great deal. So it sold. Piracy indeed is overblown.
Does Crytek really think that every person downloading was going to buy the game? I bet half of them wont even be able to run the game, more than half of them would be from Africa,Asia and such places where gaming isnt mainstream and people just dont buy games.

zag4327d ago

I remember seeing this game having 5,000+ seeder on 1 torrent on 1 tracker, that was a few days before it was offically released in the shops.

$60USD x 5,000 = $300,000USD lost to pirating.

yeah doesn't cut the dev's profits much at all.

Perjoss4327d ago

If its a case where the pirate would never buy the game in the first place and the download hes making could be almost classed as a try out of the game I guess that makes it kinda ok. On the other hand if its a AAA title that the pirate has been waiting for for a long time and simply has to play it then pirating is clearly wrong.

kevnb4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

do you think all those 5,000 people were going to buy the game?

Tarasque4327d ago

So if they wasn't going to buy then why did they download it?

kevnb4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

most pirates will download anything that looks even somewhat interesting since they are not paying for it.

Tarasque4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

You mean steal. So you tell me that you could go into let's say a store, and there is a nice looking leather jacket sitting there. So it is ok to just pick it up and walk out with it correct? Well being that you wasnt going to buy it, how can they loose money they never had. Right?

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steve30x4327d ago

some devs expect us to buy their games without even giving us a demo to play the game before we buy it. In such cases a game is downloaded to try before you buy. As far as I can rember there was a demo for Crysis but I cant see the Piracy for the game being 1:15. Thats just a redicolous number pulled out of a hat to make things look worse than they are. If games developers stop making games for the PC then the PC hardware market sales will skydive and its the normal consumer only will buy PC's. Those devs are putting other peoples jobs at risk by not making games for the PC.

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