Sony Details PlayStation VR's Cinematic Mode with Uncharted 4's Help

Sony Japan has provided more details on PlayStation VR's cinematic mode with the help of recent PS4 hit, Uncharted 4: Among Thieves.

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stalepie1797d ago

"We’d love to see Sony add other features in the future; wouldn’t it be great if developers built virtual theaters for their non-VR games for us to immerse ourselves in?"

Great idea. I wonder if Sony plans to offer that as a feature (like dynamic themes).

freshslicepizza1796d ago

if you could use your ps4 with psvr and not have to connect it to a tv that would be a cool feature.

amiga-man1796d ago

Moldy it doesn't need to be connected to your tv.

leoms1796d ago

You do not require tv,

TFJWM1796d ago

Moldy A try hard isn't bad in a game but it is for a hater...

darthv721796d ago

If it's just you... you don't need the TV but obviously if others are playing a game or watching a movie then they use the TV while you get to wear the headgear.

_-EDMIX-_1796d ago

I mean.....maybe you better actually READ what the device is.

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lastking951796d ago

I thought the headsets do that automatically.

stalepie1796d ago

I thought he meant it could be themed. Like playing Uncharted would put you in a jungle setting around the game screen, or Journey would add a desert environment around you (but the game screen floating in front).

Nitrowolf21796d ago

It does but with presets that Sony created. Expect this to happen though, most likely charge for it as well, which I be fine with mor3 so than fees on static themes

Goldby1796d ago


Probably if anything will be pre-order bonuses for 1st party games. probably some generic themes as well,

dennigo1796d ago

they have already said this isn't possible at the moment, because the ps4 doesn't have any reserve power, to do the rendering of the "theater".
Now i can already here the flamers coming, the ps4 is powerful enough, it just means some games use all the graphical rendering power of ps4 which means it does not have any left at that moment to render an additional virtual scene.
i'll be happy enough playing my games on a 226 inches screen.

Errorist761796d ago

A 226 inch screen with a 1080*960 resolution but still...

dennigo1796d ago

in the olden days resolution in cinemas was way lower than todays, people still went just for the big screen

discobastard1796d ago

Not sure about this idea myself. Would it not reduce the impact or level of immersion and be distracting. One reason I hate going to the cinema is the other people! :)

stalepie1796d ago

that's a good point.

Maybe the theater experience for movies could be more realistic if you look around and see virtual other people eating popcorn and checking their phones ;)

Timesplitter141795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

This theater mode strikes me as the kind of feature that people will initially try out of curiosity, but will never actually use in the long run. Kinda like PS3's photo viewer thing where you see your pictures falling on the floor as virtual photos. It's fun the first time, and then you stop using it. And then there's the resolution problem. The resolution of VR headsets is awful right now, even for the Vive which has the best display of the three. Watching a movie/game with this would be a painful experience. It'll be at least 2 years until VR resolution reaches an "acceptable minimum" for an affordable price. That's why I'm waiting for the second generation of headsets before buying one. Right now I use VR frequently at work and I just don't think it's worth it yet

Also, "Like most PlayStation fans, we dream of playing an Uncharted game within virtual reality in the future". It really baffles me that people, in 2016, still think this would be a good idea... I guess these people never really tried VR, or never spent enough time with it to understand what works and what doesn't. A game like Uncharted would never feel right in VR. For it to actually work, it would have to be a first-person spinoff where you character doesn't move around. It would be completely different. Basically the same thing Until Dawn and DOOM did for their VR versions

nitus101794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

There is a huge difference between what an application does and the device it displays too. The best way to look at PSVR is it is a display device which has many of the features of a TV or monitor except that the device coupled with the PS4 and camera can also track your head movement.

Head movement tracking is only useful if the software (ie. game or movie) supports that otherwise the PSVR just becomes a virtual private TV (ie. cinema mode) and it is this feature that will be the most common for many people. Of course, there will be many people that will use the PSVR for VR games and/or movies (VR movies will also be available) as well.

Just what will be the mix of VR mode compared to cinema mode? I think the answer to that can only be given by the user but there will be some mix with the extremes being 100% in either direction. I do think a "decent" survey at least six months to a year from now should produce some interesting trends.

Timesplitter141794d ago

Unless by "VR movies" you mean movies in which your head is tracked and you can look around 360 degrees at any and all times, VR movies are doomed from the start.

Back in 2014 there were movies coming out for the Oculus, and they were unbelievably uncomfortable. The very principle of having a screen that encompasses your entire field of view but not being able to move on your own is just terrible. It will never work, and it's the reason Oculus and Sony are doing "theater modes" instead of just straight-up using the PSVR as a screen

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GNCFLYER1796d ago

Very nice..

Cant wait for October.

thejigisup1796d ago

My body is ready.... My wallet is not

yeahright21796d ago

from the lead in: "Uncharted 4: Among Thieves" heh.

This is actually my most anticipated feature outside of the games. From the article, it sounds like they got a couple kinks to work out, but it could be real nice.

shuvam091796d ago

What if Uncharted 4: Among Thieves is a thing :O

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