OXM Online: Infinite Undiscovery Review

It's Capell's rocky development and unfailing charm, plus the inventiveness of the game's story-telling mechanics - characters constantly earn quirky new titles; occasional multiple-choice conversations; plenty of surprising twists, turns, and side-quests - that ultimately rewards serious JRPG-aholics willing to tough out Infinite's rough patches for the sake of an incredibly well-told tale and tri-Ace's brave step in a challenging new take on the genre. Only the very, very serious in need of a good challenge should apply - but the payoff is tremendous.

* Capell is such a likeable hero.
* "Situation Bonus" and other sweet surprises.

* Backtracking-tastic; Cobasna Timberlands is ninth ring of hell; so-so voice-acting.

* Is this game even possible on Infinity difficulty? Yeesh!

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