Closers Voice Actress Fired Over T-Shirt Controversy

Voice actress Jayeon Kim was replaced in both Closers and HeroWarz for taking a selfie while wearing a controversial t-shirt.

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stalepie823d ago

Stupid move to fire someone over a shirt.

CorndogBurglar823d ago

In this case, yes. This shirt ks hardly offensive. I wouldn't even call it contraversial.

However, if it had been a shirt that was highly offensive or put the company in a bad light, then yeah, fore away.

People seem to forget that when you work for a company you are representing that company, even when you aren't on the clock.

822d ago
medman822d ago

A bunch of tiny genitalia Korean males can't handle the idea of an independent, self-reliant woman? I'm shocked I tell ya, just shocked.