PlayStation Store PLAY 2016 Starts Today, Lineup Revealed

SIEA: "Hi everyone! The dog days of summer are coming up, but it’s also the perfect time to discover and play a great new game or four. Over the past six years, PlayStation Store’s PLAY campaign has brought you some incredible games, including Journey on PS4, Counter-Strike: GO, Rogue Legacy, and more. On behalf of the PlayStation Store and 1st and 3rd Party Games Teams, I’m thrilled to announce the lineup for PLAY 2016 — Headlander, ABZÛ, [email protected], and Bound."

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DanielEndurance1528d ago

Great picks for the promotion. All those games are on my "Want" list.

boing11528d ago

Bound looks really interesting. I'll bite.

Gaming4Life19811528d ago

Definitely getting abzu, ill have to check out those other games in detail cause i dont know much about them.

ziggurcat1528d ago

There has always been at least one game I've been interested in this program, but I can't say that this time :(

Fullmetalevolust1528d ago

Abzu looks absolutely incredible and so does Bound. They both looked amazing at E3.

Gaming4Life19811528d ago

I looked for something new on bound and while I really like the art style of the game it just does not look like my type of game. For everyone that sees greatness in it I hope you all support and enjoy it.

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