IGN AU: Spore Review

Enjoy the subtleties of each individual creature, lovingly made by someone across the world, with its gargantuan testicles and a name like "milfmeister". Explore each planet and reflect on just what a random-number-generator is capable of in the right hands. Spore will take you on a grand journey. It will make you acknowledge just how far games have come, and just how far they have to go, and Spore will change the way you think about the universe you live in.

Presentation - 9.5
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 10
Overall -

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shutupandplay3696d ago

the good news is i don`t have to pay 500+ bucks to play little big planet, when i could get my creativity out in this game. a lasting appeal of 10 gets me to fable 2 and gears 2 easily.

cemelc3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Yeah me too, imagine when fable2 and gears2 get to PC, i will be playing them too.

Will be a blast using my creativity in LBP and Spore gonna be awsome guess you get half of the fun and no extra game for you sry

chaosatom3696d ago

no. It's called creating a creature.

You're just in DENIAL that LBP is never going to be on xbox.

btw, PS3 is 400 dollars.

poindat3696d ago

Sounds good. This is the first time in a long time that I have actually been excited for a PC game. I wish it wouldn't have died on me 2 days ago.

ThanatosDMC3696d ago

Does anyone know if my Radeon X850 Pro is good enough for this game?

Also, i have 2.8GHz... cuz i cant play Crysis. I wasted $20 two days ago.

hgdaniel3696d ago


That should be way more than enough

2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
512 MB RAM
A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
At least 6 GB of hard drive space

ThanatosDMC3694d ago

Ah, bubbles up for you and thanks.

TheIneffableBob3696d ago

I wish Maxis had upped the texture detail/resolution, but it's okay. A mod will probably come out soon that will do that.

dkgshiz3696d ago

Spore you can create creatures of any kind. LBP you can make anything! Just don't be a doodie maker. Both games are good.

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