IGN: Ancient Quest of Saqqarah Review

IGN writes: "Do you like Bejeweled, but wish it offered more varied gameplay mechanics and took place in ancient Egypt? If so, I must say that is a very unusual request, but Ancient Quest of Saqqarah might be the 2D puzzle game to scratch that itch.

In the story of Ancient Quest of Saqqarah (yes, there's a story to this puzzle game) a blue, talking gorilla will narrate your journey as you go through seven different temples. Each temple offers a unique spin on Bejeweled's gameplay. The first temple, Isis, most closely resembles the gameplay mechanic found in Bejeweled and simply forces you to group three or more similar colored pieces together. As you make headway through this mode, you will eventually unlock the temples of Thot, Horus, Anubis, Bast, Osiris, and Sobek in sequential order. One mode has similar colored pieces already grouped together in families of three or more and you simply need to click on one of them to destroy the entire adjacent group. Another temple let's you pick up any colored piece and swap it out with any other block on the level, provided your placement will do damage."

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