Nintendo [Stock] is Now Worth More than Sony

Nintendo’s stock price has surpassed 30,000 yen, putting the company’s market capitalization at double what it was just a week ago. Nintendo is now worth more than $40 billion, which is higher than its Japanese competitor Sony. This stock value is also the highest it has been in six years, presumably thanks to the launch of Pokemon Go.

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RJ920092920d ago

Ples don't let it go to your head Nintendo..Sony ps3 Microsoft Xbox one and Nintendo you with no CD and naming the wiiu the wiiu .. Now make a Nintendo system more beffy then anything before with Zelda and a real Pokemon game if you build they will come nintendo. This is your field of dreams...

Segata2920d ago

Is English not your first language? None of that rambling was coherent.

deafdani2920d ago

Then you have very little reading comprehension capabilities, because I understood what he said perfectly well despite the admittedly poor wording.

And English isn't my main language, either.

MyDietEqualsGames2920d ago

Nice offtopic, Segata.

Also.. market reaction to viral popularity? GASP! Lol. Nintendo is going to want to keep up with this momentum.
Two things will happen, I think. One it will go to new heights of popularity and continue for the long term.
Two, stagnation and fatigue due to oversaturating exposure and it being everywhere.
Could be something in between, though.

I'm exciting to see where this goes and for NIntendo being more valuable than Sony because of a game that's popular? That won't teach Nintendo how to compete and I thought we would see Nintendo really work hard to compete and shed their arrogance.

I hope with the new CEO we see them shed that arrogance and work to compete rather than rely on a single ip to coast on and remain in their cloud in the sky.

lastly, I don't care who is worth the most as a gaming company or corporation in general, if I did, I'd be on team Microsoft for sure. But that doesn't matter. Sony is going to keep doing what they do as the other two will.

super_bruno2920d ago


You know there is a world out there where people talk a lot of languages other than English. Such an ignorant comment.

RJ920092920d ago

Yeah it is. Also had two strokes and had a really bad head injury 3 years ago. Its now been hard for me to talk and spell . Sry for the confusion

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blady_man2920d ago

Are u high?! Cant understand anything u say!!!

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Bahamut2920d ago


Do you often read incoherent babble in order to find the message inside? I usually just say "this guy's an idiot" and stop reading. Doesn't everyone?

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ChickeyCantor2920d ago

> beffy

Troll or not, you ain't the brightest.

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christocolus2920d ago

Wow.. Nintendo, always full of surprises.

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SegaSaturn6692920d ago

You expect it with something masterful like Tetris or Mario. But this game, when you can connect to servers crashes every 10 minutes. It's phenomenal to think of how bad AC Unity got panned for glitchy behaviour, but this game, with all its bugs is doing so well.

SirBradders2920d ago

The thing is when the servers are good you can play it but ac unity was wank.

Aenea2920d ago

Since it officially released in my country I haven't been able to get on it, 3 days in a row, I deleted it last night. I just wanted to see what the fuss was about but it's not for me anyways...

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Angeljuice2920d ago

AC unity didn't cost £3.00!

glassgannon9092920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

thats because no one ever cares if this is a video game, which for most part it isnt cosidering even the first mario had more actual gameplay than this. everyone needs to be a part of the social media phenomenon/
good on nintendo for making bank, its fad so dont expect them to turn into apple but if it helps them stay healthy im all for it.
personally , i just wanted to see what the fuss was all about.hope their next mobile game is more fun than the gaming equivalent of throwing ice buckets on your head just to record it

Big_Game_Hunters2920d ago

The first mario has more gameplay than 50% of big games released nowadays.

DanteVFenris6662920d ago

AC unity didn't have 50 million or more people playing at once... Heck it didn't even sell half that number or even a quarter

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ninsigma2920d ago

Crazy how one idea can change things so drastically!

kneon2920d ago

You mean one brand, the idea has been done before. Niantic had a previous game that is very similar. Then there are other old AR games like Invisimals that came out on the PSP. I even wrote one for phones about a dozen years ago that had you hunting ghosts.

The only reason this is popular is that they were able to make it Pokemon themed.

ninsigma2919d ago

"The only reason this is popular is that they were able to make it Pokemon themed."

Exactly. A great freakin idea! Take something that has already been done and put a spin on it that is cherished by so many people. Doesn't matter that other games like it existed before. The idea to use it with pokemon was clearly pure gold.