The Shadow of Aten

Schanz International announced today that the The Shadow of Aten web site has been updated with new screenshots and movies.

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sonyISgod5819d ago

Look pathetic, must i say more? yess please go on OK I'll shale. This game look horriblely pathetic and lame + ugly. haha that is real man.

Lucidmantra5819d ago

the picture next to the game is lame. and that is real BOY.

PS360PCROCKS5819d ago

I think it's cool! but Q2 2008? wow long ways off

Lucidmantra5819d ago

yeah they shouldn't be issueing anything for this game yet... only about 10,000 things can happen to this game and they can make a bad name for the game with a bad showing and a release so far off. Granted the character in the picture looks like 3 years ago for the PC model.

Legionaire20055819d ago

This game needs some work because it looks like a high-def version of Nintendo 64. If this game is bad then it will join the ranks of superman 64, and we all know how bad that was. Nuff said.

PS360PCROCKS5819d ago

No no look at the videos with the definition in the bodies and the light shining off of them it's pretty cool, we'll have to wait to see graphics though

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