Opinion: Video Game Journalism’s Untrustworthiness is Overblown

Nintendo Prime: "For years, dating back to when the internet was young, there has been an over residing feeling that the video game media can’t be trusted. Some argue this lack of trust lead directly the rise of independent YouTubers, because after all they must be trustworthy because they are just gamers like the rest of us. This lack of trust stemmed from poorly written work (and as someone who currently has no writing degree of any kind, I can attest I have been guilty of this over the years), overall bad journalism (again, can raise my hand here. Lack of research and knowledge on said topics can really hinder their worth), and worst of all… giving dishonest opinions and reviews because someone is paying you to be that way..."

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Cy1649d ago

No it's not, not when major game "journalist" outlets write dishonest article after dishonest article to push a political or social viewpoint instead of, you know, reporting about video games. Or when a bunch of games "journalists" get together to write simultaneously posted articles about how gamers are dead and everyone should just ignore everything they say instead of, you know, reporting about video games. Or when games "journalists" are given gifts by game publishers then go on to review games by those publishers without ever disclosing that they received a gift. Games "journalists" have a long way to go before they're trusted enough to remove the scare quotes from their supposed profession.

ScreenGurus1649d ago

Transparency is the biggest hurdle to journalists being accepted as competent.

fatsodubmo1649d ago

Says videogame "journalist" lol

donwel1649d ago

"Video games journalisms untrustworthiness is over blown, says games journalist."
When I see a site defending.... let's say, Call of Duty tooth and nail whilst running a massive call of duty advertising campaign, I (and a great many others) have extreme difficulty believing what they're saying is actually true and of their own opinion.
Then there are other sites who purposefully give perfectly decent games poor reviews to generate revenue through clicks and ad views from (rightfully) angry fans. The lack of trust in games journalism is most certainly not overblown.

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