Microsoft: We kept our 10 million Xbox 360 promise

"In little over a year on the market we sold over 10.4 million Xbox 360 consoles in more than 37 countries, exceeding our commitment to pass the 10 million mark by the end of 2006," reads the announcement in part. "And in a market environment that saw strong launches by our competitors, Xbox 360 was the top choice this holiday season." (emphasis ours)

Microsoft also announced updated sales figures for its marquee action title Gears of War, which has now sold a whopping 2.7 million copies in just eight weeks of release.

The announcement contained other good news for Microsoft. There are now 160 Xbox 360 games on the market, an achievement that took the company just over a year. There's plenty of good news on the Xbox Live front, too, with Xbox Live Arcade selling over 20 million games to date, including gems such as Street Fighter II and DOOM. Microsoft also estimates that 70 percent of Xbox Live subscribers are downloading content from the service, such as movies, TV shows, and downloadable game content, another important milestone in the video game industry.

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OutLaw5233d ago

I am very happy for them and also being a 360 owner I love to hear news like this. But I'm curious, does anybody know the 37 countries they sent the 360s to?

Marty83705233d ago

M$ never sold 10 million X360's by the time the PS3 & Wii launched.

Shin_Akakage5233d ago

Msoft never said that they sold 10million consoles before Wii and PS3 launched. They said the sold 10.4 million consoles before the end of 2006. Suddenly the link that people have been posting in other news stories seems a little off. As Msoft has confirmed 10.4 million instead of the mere...8.4 that vgchart reports. I'm very interested in actual sales numbers for Wii and PS3. I'm sure christmas was kind to all 3 console makers.

original seed5233d ago

10.4 Million and still going strong. Im loving it.

BIadestarX5232d ago

"M$ never sold 10 million X360's by the time the PS3 & Wii launched." Well, that depends who you ask? Since Sony promissed it would be a global launch and they failed to include one of the biggest game markets (Europe). So, technically if we are talking about Sony Global launch uhhh... microsoft did get to 10 mil before the PS3 was globally launched.

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The story is too old to be commented.