Why Nintendo Will Outsell the PS4 and Xbox One This Fall(Pressurecast One-Hundred-Thirty-Nine)

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Eonjay2694d ago

We, its only $60 and has incredible appeal. Think I will get one for the office.

darthv722694d ago

I see it selling to parents for their kids as an inexpensive nostalgia filled novelty. It will also sell to the enthusiasts who will want to dissect it to see if it can be modded to run other games or even other emulators. The price is fair and selection of games is good. It was actually surprising to see so many konami and capcom games on it instead of mostly Nintendo properties.

On a side note, i understand wisdom tree (Pico interactive) is looking to release an NES controller looking plug and play full of their games for $30. Maybe that will inspire others to make similar units...?

uptownsoul2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

Nintendo will NOT outsell PS4 or Xbox One this fall.

Why? Not for lack of demand...but lack of supply.

Because Nintendo will do a horrible job of keeping up with demand for the NES Mini...THe NES Mini will sell out and have large gaps of time were the device will not be available. However, there will be no such supply constraints for the base model PS4 or Xbox One this fall causing i to sell more than the NES Mini.

MachuchalBrotha3162693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

What? I'm a parent and im getting this for myself. My kid can use tho...lol

@uptown, you're probably right but Nintendo Mini well sell like as much a good AAA title...hopefully. Im routing for it to succeed. I want all Nintendo mini consoles.

UltimateMaster2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I don't get how you can compare a PS4 to the NES.
It's not like the NES have potential for new games.

OC_MurphysLaw2694d ago

I don't think this will be considered hardware. this is a closed game collection...the NES Classic Edition will not connect to the internet, and it won’t support any additional games. So basically as a game collection it will do great in NPD's but this doesn't mean Nintendo suddenly takes the crown for Holiday hardware or software if this sells well. I still suspect games like COD will sell better and this will not move the needle for Nintendo hardware... its a novelty retro gift that wont have legs because its limited to the 30 games pre-installed.

Kokyu2693d ago

Its like saying those retro atari consoles were going to out sell ps4.

zsquaresoff2694d ago

People who will buy it will buy it for the Nostalgia. Everyone else will either save for neo, Psvr, scorpio or Pc Parts.

nevin12694d ago

But its the price of a new game.

MachuchalBrotha3162693d ago

Which is why its gonna sell like hotcakes.

Dixiedevil2694d ago

Behold my powers to peer into the future:
Only people that are lucky enough to pre order will get one and for months it will only be available on eBay for $200+.

PizzaSteve2694d ago

Could you just play these same games on a emulator?

DrKarateChop2694d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

You absolutely 100% could. You could have 20 years ago. For many of the people on this site, there's no reason to buy this.

BUT that's not the market they're going after. This is for the people who stopped playing games because a controller with three or four buttons was too complicated for them. This is for people who dont know what "emulation" means. This is for the walmart, sears, dollar general crowd. And that's a huge market.

Darkwatchman2693d ago

I know what emulation is, but I don't like emulating hardware on a PC. I'd rather play on the original console or a system that does official backwards comparability like 3ds with full ds compatibility.

Case in point, years ago, I could have emulated Atari 2600 games and Snes games and genesis games, but you know what I did? I went online and bought all those actual systems with physical cartridge game. I own the original genesis sonic games all in their original boxes with the manuals and sonic and knuckles even comes with an advert for sonic and knuckles themed merchandise with a number to call...obviously that number doesn't work anymore for ordering that stuff. It's now a phone sex hotline, but you get the point.

I want physical. I don't want emulation so even though I'm not too crazy about the whole 30 games pre-loaded onto it with no ability to put in any other cartridges for it to work, just the fact that it's a physical console with an actual NES controller might be enough for me for the novelty.

kbozz712693d ago

Yeah, could easily emulate these games, but this is more about nostalgia. And yes, the market will be huge.