The Last of Us Was Written From The Middle; Druckmann Resisted Troy Baker's Take on Joel at First

Neil Druckmann shared some details on writing the script of The Last of Us and casting Joel's character with Troy Baker.

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Mostafeto822d ago

That is a really interesting way to write one of the best stories in video game history.

cfc83822d ago

A story which they 'borrowed' from a book.

ravinash822d ago

many good stories are "borrowed" or "inspired" from other media.

It doesn't change how well the game was written.

Edito822d ago

You and many other industry pros can do the same but instead he did it brilliantly... So your frustrated attempt do downplay his great work wont work...

Alexious822d ago

Inspiration is a crucial part of the creative process. As long as it doesn't steer into plagiarism, I don't see the problem

medman822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

It's very different from The Road...and it's not as if The Road is the first book to do post apocalyptic/catastrophe survival. Everything borrows from everything...there are very few new ideas left in media that haven't been touched by someone else.

OhMyGandhi821d ago (Edited 821d ago )


Dude. One quick look at your comment history can allow one to deduce that your an xbox apologist, on a tirade against anything pertaining Sony, and that's really unfortunate.
For one, I'd recommend you actually play the game, and read "The Road".
Besides basic themes and visual storytelling, I don't get a Road vibe from Last of Us anymore then any other post apocalyptic book/movie that's been produced. I will say that the influences are far reaching, and the best part of inspiration, hell, even pure adaptation is that it's surprisingly easy to screw up.

Watch "Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us" and tell me that it was simply "borrowed from a book".
For the same reason that Uncharted may be inspired by classic adventure movies and pulp fiction of the 40's and 50's, Last of Us was a game that reveled in subversion. That is ultimately what makes Naughty Dog such an impressive company.

And guess what? I have both an Xbox One and a PS4. But I refuse to down play a game that gave a very pleasant middle finger to other developers and publishers within the game industry, showing off the idea that single player gaming is far from dead, and that the well of videogame narrative has not run dry.

Play the game if you haven't already, take off the tin foil hat, and understand that it's okay to have a dissenting opinion if you have the means to back it up with something constructive.

Channel-Live821d ago

funny how these fanboys dismiss wrong doings because of favoritism. That's like watching a friend rape someone and not reporting it. Love how they turn a blind eye to shit they normally won't give a pass to. How can you credit someone with having an amazing story that they borrowed from someone one else? One fool had the nerve to say "at least it wasn't plagiarized." The game was good, but don't call it AMAZING if it wasn't original. Never felt satisfied after completing that game. It just felt unfinished in my opinion. Felt the same about Halo 5. Actually I liked Spartan Locke more than Master Chief.

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ccgr821d ago

Haven't played this series yet, ti's on my bucket list though

kaiserfranz822d ago

I hope Troy and Joel are in The Last of Us 2, it wouldn't feel the same otherwise

The_Sage821d ago

I would rather see a completely different story, if the do another game in that universe. I think the story of Joel and Ellie ended in the best way possible. I do love both characters, which leads me to wish that well enough is left alone.

Chris_Wray822d ago

This style of writing and adapting to Troy's take on Joel certainly worked for TLoU.
I don't doubt that writing a full story beforejand also works in some games too, though this type and the mixture in mechanics seems to have demanded the approach.

Goldby822d ago

it can work, but i've found in experience, that if you create the story first, you may somewhat limit your game if you stick straight to the script, halfway through dev, a programmer might figure out something that can add alot of features or a nice set piece but if the story is already written and the director doesnt like to stray, that work wont be added it.

as he put it, very organic to build the story as your building the game.

ArchangelMike822d ago

The writing and the pacing of the whole script was brilliant in TLOU. I don't think I've played a game yet that so gripped me from a story perspective. Bioshock Infinite came close, but apart from that, not many more.

Next_gen_2015822d ago (Edited 822d ago )

TLOU is a masterpiece and im still playing its MP till this day. Nothing quite like it tbh

Alexious822d ago

True. If there was a persistent open world with factions though, it would be perfect, I'd play that game non-stop!

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