Samsung: "Blu-ray has 5 years left"

Pocket-lint writes: "Samsung has said that it sees the Blu-ray format only lasting a further 5 years before it is replaced by another format or technology.

"I think it [Blu-ray] has 5 years left, I certainly wouldn't give it 10", Andy Griffiths, director of consumer electronics at Samsung UK told Pocket-lint in an interview."

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Spread Butt Cheeks4325d ago

In 5 years you will still have bluray. You still won't have 4D, HOME, AAA hitters :(

blackbeld4325d ago

Blu-ray is here to stay at least 10 years more. Andy Griffiths how could they take this man serious? BLU-RAY is the FUTURE.

beoulve4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

1. 4D gaming is not your cup of tea though it can be done easily. You will get hell lot confuse. We did some simulation on Geforce2 GTS when I was in college. I bet you don't even know what is 4D.

2. home beta is rolling out now, more and more ppl have home already.

3. MSG4

4. You failed. F

zo6_lover274325d ago

Yes, bluray will be around for 5+ years

No, the ps3 has already had games that use "4D", its simple actually.

Home is already on and in full force toward its full release.

theKiller4325d ago

this year's end ps3 will shine like never before, and it will over shine the 360. 360 will be left in the dark shadows!!

there is nothing and absolutely nothing that 360 is better than ps3 now!!

and i dont want to hear for about king of RPG's because they r all FLOP JRPG's, and i dont want to hear about 2-3 years old games because we buy new games and max 1 year old games, but not 2 or 3 except for very few people!! people talk about what new game right now on the market not 3 years old games with ps2 graphics

juuken4325d ago

You know what I find funny?

Sony won the format war and bluray became standard. Now you have a company like Samsung predicting the future? And 360 fanboys are seconds away from dancing on the grave of the PS3?

...Wow, just wow.

I would like to have what you're smoking and what the hell Samsung has been smoking.

BUKKAKALYPSE4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

1.5 - "this year's end ps3 will shine like never before, and it will over shine the 360. 360 will be left in the dark shadows!!" - the only thing that shines about the PS3 is it's glossy finish and it's getting hard to notice through all the dust it collects.that and SS:HD (fun game)

beoulve4325d ago

BUKKAKALYPSE, collecting dust is much better than eating dirt.

Kenny_Roger4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

In five years , we will see Digital Distribution more common than ever

In five years , Junken turned into a street h00ker

poor droids , say goodbye to you're lovely console lol

theKiller4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

and u will be a [email protected] [email protected] sucker in just 2 years when 360 is completely dead!


u talk of too much fantasy, maybe MS new deals of JRPG's effected u???
ps3 collecting dust?? u cant even get one, it is not allowed for u to even touch one and u say it collect dust?? its the best blue ray player, console, gaming machine, networking hub etc!! certainly many people wouldnt agree with u, the prove it their wallets! they buy ps3 not 360!!

bots!! u r finished, the only thing left for u is to lough at sony sales compared to nintendo while u r ashamed of mentioning ur own sales hahahahhaah bots!!

bots these days becoming whiny b!atches!!!

Spread Butt Cheeks4325d ago

I majored in computer science dip sh!t.


LuHawk4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Killer Shut your non killing Crybaby ass up you sound like a B!tch

juuken4325d ago

Pretty sad that you didn't contribute to the article.

Pretty sad you had to stoop that low to insult me.

But that's okay.

I know you're jealous of the PS3, just like half of the 360 maniacs around here.

beoulve4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Spread Butt Cheeks, nice to know you cheat your way through, cause you obviously clueless.

btw way your code will get stack overflow, you failed at computer science. F

Spread Butt Cheeks4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

explain sir how that will give a stack overflow. i return my resources jerk

Stryfeno24325d ago

I dont know...I'm just speechless.

Pain4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

5 years? lame....

Hard copy physical media is Never going anywhere. If it was why do people make CD still even throw they have Ump- teen ipods?

either samsung is going to push a new format with M$ in XBOX 3 like some form of flash drive or this is just FUD, ether way its bull.

and @ i'm Sic what Old xbot tard account where you? Ran out of bubbles made a new one again?..typical xbot.

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CrippleH4325d ago

This is the same Samsung that's making 2160P HDTV when most people don't even have 1080P.

I won't take what they are saying to heart.

Genesis54325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Yeah do you think the public is going to want to change formats after only 5 years? Not likely.

XXXCouture4325d ago

Blu-Ray have 5 years left. then DVD have 5 months :)

badz1494325d ago

downloading mp3 files even those at 320kbps are like clicking your fingers right now but last time I checked, CD is still pretty much alive! how many years had past since napster again? now, they are claiming BD with at least 50GB capacity only have 5 years left? all I can say is just WOW! this DD propaganda is really starting to make people DUMBER day by day!

chewy3174324d ago

then samsung has 5 months left

Proxy4324d ago

Just look at CD's...

Which are still used all over the place.

Dannagar4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

DVD has reached a critical mass, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Blu-Ray is almost exclusive to PS3 (which has a low attachment rate) seeing how stand alone blu-ray players don't sell well. Look at the UMD, because it's attached to the PSP which has over 37 million doesn't make the format a success for movies. I have a few Blu-Ray movies but I'm not counting on it to be around much longer. They really need to drop the price.

Saint Sony4324d ago

Therefore Samsung might be closer to truth than PS3 fanboys.

2160p... so?, there's already cameras out that shoots up to 4K, next year RED will launch RED Epic which can achieve 5k resolution.

You think average consumers are the only ones that needs TVs with proper resolution?

dcbronco4324d ago

Japan started the process to move to "Super" HD several years ago.

f7897904324d ago

Plus for that new format you need a new tv. I just bought an HDTV. I want that lasting ten years minimum!

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LightningPS34325d ago

I would agree. It's not even mainstream enough yet, and 5 years isn't much time.

Overall I would have to say that Blu ray is Sony's biggest bust, the worse part was making the Playstation brand suffer because of it.

Does Sony ever wish they could have that one back. But oh well, that's why Ken Katurgi or whatever got fired. It was just a complete bust.

beoulve4325d ago

Hahhahahaaa coming from a guy that jumped boat to HD-DVD. Sour grape.

Overr8ed4325d ago

the ignorance is powerful in this one. That why it has 2 bubbles

poopsack4325d ago

"It's not even mainstream enough yet, and 5 years isn't much time."

Umm, the only people saying they have 5 years is samsung, and you. which means they have more time to take over.

LoVeRSaMa4325d ago

Not many Bubbles now =]

LightningPS3, you almost have none :O

Sitdown4325d ago

Bubbles for your comment.....cause your wording was hilarious!

DTClown4325d ago

Since you don't even know about Sony's BetaMax format. Now shut up and go do your homework Johnny.

Homicide4325d ago

I think 5 years is a good amount of time. Blu-Ray FTW!

Ozzyb4325d ago

Yea I always feel the pinch when my game comes on one disk with (most often) more than enough space for developers to include everything they want to. Why Sony? WHYYYYYYY?

Seriously though, are you being sarcastic or just stupid?

DaTruth4325d ago

When PS2 dropped I got my first DVD player, that was 8 years ago. I got my PS3 1 1/2 years ago, so 5 years would make it as successful as DVD. When the late-comers switch to Blu-ray in 2 years they are not just going to throw them away in 3 years like they are not throwing away DVD players. $hit, I still have a VCR!

ruibing4324d ago

The only negative part of Blu Ray for you seems to be that it is in the PS3. Do you have any real issues with it? Like it's production cost or the underlining technology?

Blu Ray is already much cheaper to produce with LTH technology. And it will soon handle 100GB data with 4 layered discs. Both are compatible with current players and the PS3 with only a firmware upgrade.

P.S. Does anyone know the n4g record for disagrees?

Daishi4324d ago

While lightnings point is off base I agree with the article. Not because I hate BR, Sony, or the PS3; but because I'm not short sited enough to understand what this guy is talking about. Samsung is one of the worlds greatest technology leaders and he is foreshadowing that in 5 years we will see a new technology that is a bigger leap than VHS to DVD. By then we should see 200gb br discs so capacity isn't an issue, we are looking at something completely new. Then again that may all be wishful thinking and speculation if the cost of transition is too high :/

dcbronco4324d ago

Betamax is Sony's best known failure. But, Betamax is still used in the US by media professionals. Believe it or not, a lot of TV stations and freelance journalist still use a ton of Beta tapes every year. It outlasted VHS by a long time.

Ju4324d ago

If its hard to convince people to buy a 1080p TV now, it will be even harder to do the same with 2Kp or 4Kp. In addition to that, you not only have to convince SD owners to upgrade, but also HD owners to switch to 2K+. That means the potentially market is even smaller then the current HD. So, that said, in 5 years time, there will be a significant market for 1080p peripherals. The market for such things is pretty obvious, and the product I am predicting here, is a BD player (below $100). If you're not really blind and have a brain which stores information longer then a couple of weeks, you might notice, that "Available on Blue Ray" is visible pretty much everywhere they sell/rent DVDs now. This is quiet a progress, IMO. The rest consumer demand will settle, not marketing speeches.

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SeanScythe4325d ago

Yeah lets see the only way that would happen is if nintendo or MS put it in their next system. The only reason Bluray won was because of the PS3 pushing it.

LightningPS34325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Blu ray does nothing. At worst, they have to make the game on 2 dics. wow, how awful is that?

Was that really worth overpricing the PS3 and putting it at such a dis advantage from the start?

PS3 still suffering from 360 using price to it's advantage.

I mean come on, how could you not agree that was the wrong decision? Someone was even fired for this crap.

Genesis54325d ago

It is already happening now that DVD9 is not enough for games. Do you think that FF XIII will fit on 2 disc without suffering? In 5 years you are going to need about 6 DVD9 discs just to fit an average game if things keep going the way they are.

trancefreak4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

you are obviously speaking for yourself embracing and holding onto dvd 9. John Carmack has stated "3 discs required x360 without compression for rage" Blu ray does nothing ehhh?? Your 2 disc comment was debunked.

But I on the other hand like hi def movies and real hi def games that support lots of storage on 1 fat blu ray disc that i can add to a collection of other discs.

But i feel Sony is the genius now by taking an early adopter hit in the beginning stages of the console.blu ray dvd gen and has changed their loss to gain by bringing blu ray too mainstream adoption.

beoulve4325d ago

all I read about this comments is LightningXBOX360 failed to move forward. Failed big time.

Max Power4325d ago

"i don't care if the game is on two disks" blah blah blah, i think of it as this, would you rather have to get up off the couch to turn on your system or use the controller function? I like not having to get up for either turning on my system or switching disks.

orakga4325d ago

The Playstations have always stayed ahead of its time be ensuring that they don't rely on TODAY's technology when they introduce their hardware.

The N64 crowd claimed that CD-ROM was not necessary and created "loading times" that gamers would reject: FAIL

The Saturn hit the market early with a high-capacity CD format, then was blindsided by the PS2 and its DVD-ROM drive: FAIL

The PS3 ... well I don't have to explain this one.

The fact of the matter is, the Playstation brand has ALWAYS stayed ahead of the curve and took MASSIVE financial hits during its early years. Yes, the PS3 went even farther than they did before, and I am not one to decide whether or not they went too far this time, but the fact of the matter is, history always rewards those that think ahead of its time (in this industry, that is).

The only problem with Sony right now is that their stockholders want to make money off of their hardware when the system is still only 22 months old. Stupid stockholders... they don't know the first thing about long-term planning... They are the ones killing Sony and preventing the PS3 from hitting the $299 pricepoint.

deno4325d ago

I totally agree with you, bluray could not have come at a worse time. I strongly believe that bluray as a movie format won't last long. But that does not mean the playstation 3 won't do well. They still will use bluray for games. And hopefully they will learn a lesson, to not force products on brainless fanboy consumers. Look at playstation 1 no dvd or bluray just a gaming machine that can also play music, and it was an amazing piece of hardawre!!!!

NipGrip4325d ago

How ignorant and wrong can you be? I've read plenty of your posts and they are just straight from some strange bizzarro world where ignorance is bliss.

badz1494325d ago

by the way, it's already 2008. the BD is not needed for gaming argument is pretty much void now! wake up man/woman!

Megatron084325d ago

Its funny how no ever care that games like FF7 took 4 disc and yet many people consider that to be the best jrpg ever made. If multi disc is so bad that game would be consider complete crap.

Blu will only be around as long as the ps3 is. Only people really buying blu ray movies are diehard ps3 fanboys. there been something like 12 million ps3 sold and maybe 5 blu ray moves sold ? that should tell you something. Plus the fact that the people that buy blu ray disc have more then one movie so you probably have around only 1 million people world wide that actually buy them. Thats less 1/10 of the people that own blu ray players.

jmare4325d ago

Your numbers are garbage. Also, for the era, disc changes were commonplace, hence why it was accepted. In this generation the only console that needs disc changes is the 360. Regardless of what you fanboys might think, having multiple discs is a liability, especially when the game is multiplatform and is only on one disc on the other platform. Carmack said it himself: The PS3 version will be better because MS charges for multiple discs and they won't pay for it. And because of that, the quality will be lower on the 360. This will only get worse.

DaTruth4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Ya, Shareholders are the blight of the world. They're the ones you can blame for the global economy being in the state it's in. GREEDY BASTARDS!!!!

Edit: @Deno: I sincerely hope your being sarcastic,on so many levels. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

ruibing4324d ago

Though you are right it puts the PS3 at a price disadvantage, it still manages to outsell the 360 despite trailing it by a year. If anything is going to jeopardize the life cycle of the 360, it will be its optical format. Developers need to decide between texture compression and paying extra royalties for extra discs when it comes to 360 games.

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