A peek into Naughty Dog game creator Neil Druckmann's creative process

The creative director of the gaming developer Naughty Dog takes us inside his creative process for games like "The Last of Us" and "Uncharted 4."

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-Foxtrot823d ago

*Will my goddess Anita like this idea* - Most likely

*Does this character suck up to Feminazis" - Yes

*Is there a black character in the game even if it doesn't fit my story and I most likely could go with any other race but for some reason when it comes to diversity black is the only other race that apparently counts" - No but we'll make some changes

Probably goes something like that

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Adrian_v01823d ago

The fact that you need a story that demands a black character in order for a black character to be there is enough proof of your ignorance.

-Foxtrot822d ago

Not really

If you create a story and you don't have a black character in it then that's how it is

It's more ignorant to have a character, shit yourself over diversity and automatically change a character to a black guy...not Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Brazilian, Pakistani or Native American...but just black as that's apparently the only race which counts