CVG: PlayTV Review

CVG writes: "PlayTV is one of the many peripherals Sony says is part of "future-proofing" the PS3, but for the £69.99 price, what can it actually do?

We'll start off with the basics. The PlayTV box contains the main receiver unit - a pleasantly small black PS-branded box - a USB cable and the Blu-Ray disc containing the software to get it all going.

You plug the receiver into your PS3 via USB, and into your roof aerial via the standard RF lead you'd use with your telly. The receiver is USB-powered, so no need for a plug.

Plop the disc in and you're greeted to a short overview video that you can't skip, because it actually disguises the PlayTV installation that's secretly happing in the background."

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heyheyhey4328d ago

well it out-scored Infinite Floppery :)

personally looking forward to this- recording straight to my super-sized PS3 HDD? bring it on

shame you can't stick the video on a memory stick anymore though

DavidMacDougall4328d ago (Edited 4328d ago )

Yeah it suks but it aint sonys fault they wanted to just the "MANs" fault

Davoh4328d ago

'Or, brilliantly, you can export videos to your PS3's XMB menu as MPEG-4 video (despite rumours suggesting the feature had been removed). From there you can use it like a normal file - watch it on your PS3, put it on PC, transfer it to your PSP... whatever you like.'

It seems like Sony hasn't removed it =) which is great