Watch Dogs Downgrade Happened Because Of Lack Of Information On PS4 and Xbox One- Ubisoft

‘Watch Dogs was revealed before anyone knew what the next gen consoles would be.’

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-Foxtrot2921d ago

LOL...are they really trying to pin the blame on Sony/Microsoft.

No it happened because you guys lied...like you always do. Other games were fine so obviously wasn't a lack of information.

_-EDMIX-_2920d ago

Who said they are putting the blame on Console manufacturers? What they're saying is very logical in regards to how they had a build that was different then the final product consider CD projekt Red pretty much stated more or less the exact same reason.

When consoles first release prior to that most developers are not going to know if there's specks all they could do is guess.

If Ubisoft was ever looking to be deceitful I don't believe they would have ever even came out and explained their reasoning or even apologized and stated it would not happen again.

Also I have no clue what you mean by other games were fine The Witcher 3 was fine? Did CD projekt Red not show gameplay footage that was not indicative of the final product?

Forum_Pirate2919d ago

1) Then explain why it also looks worse on PC. Yeah, that would be because the lied.

2) You cannot use a specific example (in this case, CD Projekt also lying) to say that no games looked like they were advertised to look. (I'm usually a pretty big fan of CD Projekt but there is no way around the dishonest advertising there.) Need for Speed Rivals looked the same. Madden looked the same. Trine looked the same. Injustice looked the same. It's not rocket science.

Vegamyster2919d ago

Watch Dogs had E3 visual effects still in the games files on PC, TheWorse mod reimplements most of them while barely affecting performance.

Deadpooled2920d ago

Even the PC version was downgraded, no excuses Ubisoft are lying.

Kevlar0092920d ago

People even found hidden settings to increase the PC graphics. The E3 video wasn't some mystical creation of wonder.

extermin8or2920d ago

Ubisoft had it running looking alot better on ps4 the October before ps4 launched. It was at conventions, press had played large chunks of game on ps4 and written previews. So this excuse doesn't fit. They went and made some major changes I suspect to some aspects of the game in that six month delay and therefore didn't have reason to optimise it properly afterwards I suspect.

Lamboomington2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"Other games were fine"

You mean like the Witcher 3 ? All of those games were revealed at a time when they weren't fitted to the console specs/ consoles specs weren't even revealed. It makes perfect sense.

Also, all the footage after that 2013 trailer was honest, downgraded, and running on the PS4.

Ghost Recon Wildlands on the other hand... was revealed in 2015... The reveal trailer looked much better than what we have now. Suffice to say they downgraded this one and have no excuse.

JackStraw2919d ago

and yet they make millions of dollars off their games. so... your point is what? only pseudogamers care about downgrades. grow up, faggots.

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detroitmademe2920d ago

Funny how publishers are able to admit their mistakes to hype their next project. Why didn't they admit watch dogs was downgraded during it's launch🤔?I think we all know the answer

_-EDMIX-_2920d ago

They actually did after release why don't you Google when they were talking about this situation this isn't the first time.

CD projekt Red also talked about Witcher 3 downgrade after Witcher 3 released

extermin8or2920d ago

Cd projekt red talked about it before it released, explained to have the particle and smoke effects they had to change renderesinf system because old.one didn't work not even on pc- frame rate dropped whenever smoke etc was present so they changed the style and process. This resulted in the different look everyone accused them of having downgraded but the character models, textures etc hadn't changed. Lighting and rendering systems had however. Anyone saying witcher 3 isn't a very pretty game is crazy though.

Lamboomington2920d ago


Come on... it could have been handled by PCs, and options mean that it can always be scalable. Right now what you're saying is they showed something even though it would have to be heavily downgraded to run on PCs, and they didn't apparently know that ? They're not that stupid.

Consoles couldn't handle it, they couldn't spend resources having different features for different versions, so the entire game got downgraded, even on PC.
Does it really matter ? Not reallly, the game was awesome, people are happy.

It still sucks though. What they showed earlier looked amazing. The final game had aspects that looked dated. The lighting was heavily downgraded and flat, textures apparently, reflections etc

smashman982920d ago

And they denied it before release... Which was the actual problem

_-EDMIX-_2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )




Witcher 3 released on May 19th, CDPR fully disclosed the issue on May 20th, I remember because many of us where talking about it and I got the game day 1.


Mind you, this is DAYS before Witcher 3 is to release, if they ever talked about it "before it released" why would they not reference that right in that article? What you are reading is from the 13th, Witcher 3 was to release on the 19th.


here is one from the 15th. So when did they admit anything? I get they "talked" about it, but they like Ubisoft never admitted to anything until release.

I'm not saying you are wrong, merely that you have no link to provide any evidence that they ever stated this BEFORE the game was in gamers hands. I don't recall them ever fully confirming it was downgraded until release, but I could be wrong and its not as if I've never been wrong lol.

If I'm wrong, then mybad, its on me, but I can't find anything on CDPR admitting to any downgrade before Witcher 3's release, they talked about it....but they never fully disclosed it until the release.

@Lamboom- "Consoles couldn't handle it, they couldn't spend resources having different features for different versions"

Well if not put on consoles, they couldn't even afford to make Witcher 3 as you see it as making it only on PC with max resources, would also mean more money for less sales...

Which would ironically mean they would need to significantly scale back how it looked. Many on here have stated that, many didn't listen and even the team itself confirmed what many have already put together as simple logic.

Just because you can on PC, doesn't mean its makes any business sense.


I don't disagree with you though to a degree, but my point is same can be stated about Ubisoft as I think many on here love putting them in the villain role even though CDPR basically did the very same thing for the very same reasons.

I don't think either did it on purpose to confuse or mislead etc as why even admit it?

@Smash- Agreed, both denied it prior to release.




_-EDMIX-_2920d ago

All I ask of gamers is to fully get that you can't just blame 1 publisher, yet praise another yet both are doing the same things....

Star Wars 1313 IF released, was NOT going to look 100% like what we first saw as PS4 and XONE devkits were not released, thus....its very likely it was not going to look like that as they were using target machines to guess the specs.

Would they fall under some trickery too? Can we seriously with the most hated publisher to some folks (Ubisoft) and the most liked t to many (CDPR) not factor that both had the same reasons for their actions?

We can't push the same EVIL narrative on both of them folks, not every developers is releasing games this way, but not many were also releasing first year or 2 of the generation either.

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Lon3wolf2920d ago

Which does not account for the PC version.

Big_Game_Hunters2919d ago

Sony and ms pay good money so the PC versions don't outshine their dated at launch consoles too hard.