ZTGD Review: The Last Guy

From Hindustan Electronics Co., the quirky title The Last Guy's Google Maps exterior only hints at the wacky fun inside. The story goes that Earth is attacked by a purple ray that transforms the populous into zombies, with the exception of the agoraphobic. Those survivors are holed up in the buildings of major cities awaiting rescue from you, the chosen one - The Last Guy!

+ Quirky and fun
+ Completely addicting
+ Menus are great
- Can be difficult to decipher what's on screen
- No Trophies

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Dir_en_grey4321d ago

I really hope they add trophies to this game cuz I spent so much time on this and keep on wanting to go back and get a better score.
Japan's price is 2000 yen or $20 for this game yet US gets to have it for $9.99...
I highly recommend this game for people who enjoy games like Pixel Junk Series, this is even more fun!!