Will There Be More PS3 or Xbox 360 Games At Tokyo Game Show?

Kotaku writes: "Wondering what awaits at the Tokyo Game Show? This should provide an insight. A list of how many titles for each genre and a list for how many games are coming to each platform has been released. Let's start with the game genres:"

• Action: 90 titles
• RPG: 35 titles
• "Simulation": 22 titles
• Sports: 20 titles
• Adventure: 14 titles
• Shooting: 11 titles
• Racing: 3 titles

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Cyrus3653881d ago

Read the rest of the story...

NO_PUDding3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Still PS3 on account of 2 of those 360 games beign XBLA titles.

And the fact that Sony is bringing it's first party along.

An we still haven't got the second half of the the list. Including atleast one PS3 exclsuive, Naruto Ninja Storm.

KBDuB3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

"• Xbox 360: 14 titles • PS3: 12 titles"
Always read the WHOLE story, before you make yourself look like an idiot.

@NO_PUDding -
"Still PS3 on account of 2 of those 360 games beign XBLA titles." Then it would be even..

@HeyHeyHey - I know that's not all the games.. -.- But, I'm going by what's listed.

heyheyhey3881d ago


doh, practise what you preach man

the list DOESN'T include Sony published titles- which we know will appear at the show

and it doesn't include all publishers

so there ARE more PS3 games than 360 games at the show

Dyingduck3881d ago

Quality over Quantity, are you freaking RETARDED???

• PC: 98 titles
• Cell phone: 76 titles

By your retarded logic, PC seems to be the number 1 platform for gaming next to CELL PHONE...

Sigh, retarded Xbots FTW /not.sarcasm /sarcasm

ThatCanadianGuy3881d ago

Yeah i read the list.So? Half of 360's games are going to multiplat's and timed exclusives. Dark cloud 3,KH3,White Knight,Team ICO's game.There's going to be alot more NEW Playstation exclusives announced.

Besides.Isnt this Kotaku..? the site that always bashes Sony? where's their facts? how do they know how many games will be there or of what genre?

Shane Kim3880d ago

Too bad MS will be showing 14flops/14.

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Idonthatejustcreate3881d ago

Then let me light the fire! =D

Imo I think that the 360 will have the most games shown at TGS but the PS3 will have the most surprises stored for us.

I don't know which console that will have the best games shown at TGS, that can go either way.

NO_PUDding3881d ago

Kotaku: Let's throw a grenade just for kicks!!!

Yes, I mean that. This is part 1 of the list. It also doesn't confirm any SCE or Microsoft titles. it also doesn't have Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Konami or Tecmo.

So errr, well the war is a false, it's just Kotaku throwing a grenade.

Yoma3881d ago

WHen is the time for this planed to be?

chaosatom3881d ago

And get to playing them.

IaMs123880d ago

Think Bungie will announce there big surprise?? HALO PS3! JK JK JK JK! anyway be sweet if they did been wondering what they have instore.. BioShock 2 i hope!

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Chris Hansen3881d ago

I hope Kaz Hirai and Shuhei Yoshida will speak at TGS, especially Yoshida.

clintos593881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

Especially since we didnt hear much of White Knight Chronicles for a while now and u can almost bet there will be some new jrpg announcements for the ps3 and I wouldnt be suprised if we see something new from team ico. This years TGS should be an awesome show.

badz1493880d ago

I think a lot of people are inticipoating announcement regarding white knight

KingDizzi3881d ago

All I know is that TGS is one show where Sony always shine and having been to the last two TGS, MS being there is as useless as it gets. SE and Sony will as always get the crowd going, FFXIII, Versus, WKC, GT5, what more do I need to say?

Idonthatejustcreate3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

But this year is different for the playstation because now the 360 has the most Jrpgs so it may be a stiff fight between them...

Chris Hansen3881d ago

They can have all the JRPGs in the world and Japanese gamers still won't care.

power of Green 3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

real usless despite the platform kicking the sh*t out of the PS3, when it comes to RPG's.

Your blind fanboyism is as useless as it gets.
Your comment seems like spite due to you being angry MSFT maybe playing a bigger roll in TGS.

MSFT is still trying to earn market share over there and I'm sure they have several new games they need to show off. Maybe Alan Wake, Ninja Blade, Star Ocean 4 etc.

I agree with #5...

Idonthatejustcreate3881d ago

Still POG you have to agree that the PS3 also will have new games and alot of surprises so as I see it TGS will be one huge battle between the consoles and companys. And in the end it's always us customers that wins.

Mozilla893881d ago

Microsoft may have alot more JRPG's but it hasn't really helped alot. Yes Microsoft is doing all it can to create more market share but its not like Sony is just standing around doing nothing. Fact is that despite alot of JRPG's nothing has come out that will cause the majority of Japanese gamers to pick up a 360 instead of a ps3.

Sarick3880d ago

Japan is still the King of RPGs.

What systems will these RPG's be on?

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