Xbox 360 IPTV In-Depth Demo

User NeutralX2 uploaded a video that shows a more in-depth preview of what we could expect from the IPTV service. The video shows how to access the Television category in the Media blade, how to pause live TV, how your able to accept voice-chat while watching TV. In a nutshell, everything you could do with the Xbox 360 normally (i.e. chat invites, game invites, messages, etc.) you can do while watching the IPTV.

I highly recommend any gamer take a look at this video to give you a better understanding of IPTV and what to expect for the future of gaming.

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Marriot VP5240d ago

nov-dec. 2007, dang son thats a long time to wait

OC_MurphysLaw5240d ago

This is incredibly slick! Seriously....I am sold. I am totally curious how they are going to get the subscription model working. From the sounds of it....its going to run in addition to your cable provider.

T-Virus5240d ago

I can not wait. PAUL, how long did you wait for your PS3 since it was announced? Yeah, so shush.

Optimus Prime5240d ago

this looks so great, from what they showed last night, i thought it looked amazing. cant wait.
T Virus. Paul is a microsoft guy. he aint no sony fanboy.

Marriot VP5240d ago

hey guys, cool it, just cause I have a 360 and don't plan on buying a PS3 at the moment doesn't have to make me a MS guy or fanboy.

I had the PS2 a good year before an xbox + halo. And I've had the N64, sup nint, and others. I've played the field. I don't even know what t-virus means from his post.

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The story is too old to be commented.