VF5 in 1080p?

A supposed box images suggests a big update for Sega's prized fighter.

One of the big selling points for the upcoming PlayStation 3 version of Virtua Tennis is its support for 1080p resolution -- a huge update over the arcade version's 720p. So the big question was, would Virtua Fighter 5 get the same treatment?

The answer was presumably no, until an image of the back of the Japanese version's box appeared on Japanese fan sites today. Shown below, the supposed box image indicates that VF5 will join the small list of early PS3 titles to support "true HD."

T-Virus6406d ago

I like the title, PS3 version to have 1080p. Then you have to put PS3 ONLY!! on the end.
Can I introduce you to Ana?

Juevani6406d ago

So people wont get confussed and start talking about the 360 version when the console it self cant run 1080p, thats all kid.. Ana? she's just a nasty chick that cant get off bill gates oooooooooooooooww, na mean.

T-Virus6406d ago

1. Lets not argue.
2. I'm not a kid.
3. The Xbox 360 can run in 1080p, I don't know who told you otherwise.

Raist6406d ago

There's a whole world between upscaling and doing it natively in terms of hardware capacities.

Upscaling has a quality cost, too

achira6406d ago

T-Virus have you something heard that the xbox360 upscales to 1080p ? the ps3 makes it natively. you xbots cried about the sh!t quality of the ps2 titles on the ps3, and this has a reason, this comes from upscaling, lol. have a lot of fun with your upscaled 1080p on your crapbox, it does nothing more than double the pixels. lol