Pokemon Sun & Moon: Everyday Is An Adventure Trailer (JP)

Check out this new Japanese trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon. Snippets of gameplay show the adventure you'll have in the Alola region. ------------------------...

-Foxtrot2638d ago

Yay back to the real Pokemon game/news

Looks alright so far but good God that Pokemon which hides under a cheap Pikachu costume is horrid

WORGames2636d ago

I don't know I find the new Pokémon kind of adorable.

-Foxtrot2636d ago

It looks like it's wearing the skin of a dead Pikachu it got jelly of and shanked a few times.

WORGames2636d ago

He just wants to be loved.


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After10Ben1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Good article. I've found that video games help me take the focus off of myself when I am depressed. However, I've found that physical activity--running, yoga, BJJ & general exercise--combined with video games is the sweet spot for me when dealing with the angst of life. After a tough round of sparring, I love to sink into VR while resting my sore muscles. I recommend trying it. You won't regret it.