USA Today Q&A: Tiger Woods' coach Hank Haney

USA Today writes: "Tiger Woods says that bringing his swing coach Hank Haney into this year's version of his video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 was a way to let players get closer to the feeling of being a real golf pro. "It was my idea," Woods says. "He has never been in a video game, so for him to be a part of it the first time, he was pretty excited."

I talked with Haney about his part in the game.

Q: Talk about what the virtual Hank Haney does in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09?

Haney: It's like what I do in real life when I coach. I analyze their game and help improve their skills. I analyze how they played and offer some drills and suggestions they can use to get better. Tiger asked me and it was one of the ideas EA Sports had to make the game better and more fun. They want to make it so everyone can play and enjoy it more and giving people some coaching is a natural way to do it."

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