Mercenaries 2 is explosive and a little disappointing, but mostly explosive (Fidgit Review)

Review by Tom Chick:

"I'm driving parrots from one end of a winding mountain road to another. It's my third attempt. It seems the Venezuelan army really doesn't want these parrots to get to their destination. They've suddenly stationed heavily armed guards all over this mountain to intercept parrot smugglers. The parrots are in boxes in the back of a beat-up gaudy pick-up truck. The loose boxes shuffle and bounce around in the open truck bed. A lot of them bounce out of the truck, especially when I have to ramp over a ravine. Once a certain number of boxes have bounced out of the truck, I've failed the mission.

I've purchased tanks, attack helicopters, cruise missile strikes, and crates full of military-grade explosives. I've bribed multinational oil companies and even the United Nations. You'd think I could afford a few bungie cords."

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DA_SHREDDER4321d ago

Problems or not,, this game is still more fun then like every game that has been out since COD4. I mean it even makes you feel like your playing a video game. Weird huh? Well I just gotta say that anyone who doesn't like this game because of the little issues it has is not a true gamer, and needs to stop talking about it because they obviously have not been playing games as long as I have. Ive seen games that have had more problems being considered the best games of all time. Cough couch, golden eye. Oh well, Im enjoying it, and if you are too then thats all that matters. Game on.

TheExecutive4321d ago

ugh. I personally dont like this game. If all i am going to do is run around and shoot sh*t the least they could do is not make it look so frickin terrible to do so.

PoSTedUP4321d ago

yea look at the bugs in San Andreas and that was a great game.

what are you talking about? problems with golden eye???? ur crazy lol. please explain if anything they are minor from what i remember.

and im getting mercs2 for the ps2 btw.

cpuchess4321d ago

This game is kind of fun but it certainly isn't worth the price. This should of been a 35.00 special. The graphics seem subpar to me.

Lord Vader4321d ago

The game sucks. Last gen's Mercanaries looked crisper & controlled better.

Major disappointment.