Gameplanet Preview: Call of Duty: World at War

GP reports:

''Activision showed us two levels from World at War ahead of the November 13th release, and despite being evaluation code the game appeared to be largely completed. The introductory cinematics, whilst not as detailed as the likes of Call of Duty 2 for example, still adequately set the scene using real footage from the war coupled with a to-the-point narrative of the campaign you're about to participate in.

The Pacific campaign could never be described as pleasant by any stretch of the imagination, and although it's been covered before many times (probably most noticeably by the Medal of Honor series) it hasn't quite been done with this level of brutal honesty. Whilst trekking through some unnamed jungle, presumably in Burma or some place equally unappealing, we were set upon by hordes of Japanese soldiers with absolutely zero warning. The AI involved here isn't like previous titles, if you stand still and take time to aim carefully, you'll be hacked to pieces by a screaming member of the Japanese Imperial Army, and forget about taking cover - swamps don't tend to have a lot of burnt-out tanks to crouch behind.''

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Kleptic4328d ago

while I like the fact that WWII shooters are finally getting the mature conditioning that they should have had all along...I am still tired of WWII shooters...the graphics keep getting better, but the scenery is not something that is 'new' to look at anymore...

If a studio wants to do WWII era stuff...I much prefer the approach that Insomniac took with Resistance...thats the only way left to add new ideas to these types of shooters...sadly, Resistance and Resistance 2 are the only titles that are actually doing the alternate reality thing with any amount of competence...where Turning Point, and several other similar games, sucked big time...