Capcom has censored Cammy´s nipples in the latest “Street Fighter V” patch? - What the hell Capcom

I (Robin Ek, TGG) honestly don´t know if I should laugh or cry when it comes to Capcom and "Street Fighter V", because there seems to be no end to Capcom´s censorship madness. As it appears as if Capcom has censored Cammy´s breast nipples in the latest patch of SFV. So this is my (Robin Ek, TGG) take on the matter.

Relientk772929d ago

Cool so maybe she had her nipples chopped off or something

I hate this new generation, that gets offended on every little thing, it's so stupid. Can I say stupid or is that too offensive too?

TGG_overlord2929d ago

Everything seems to be "offensive" nowadays, so there is a risk of that...

G20WLY2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Maybe she's just warmer now after all that fighting? lol

Worlds first game with heat-sensitive nipple physics confirmed!! Street Fighter's so REAL! /S

Would be funny if that were true - they try to make it less 'hot' by raising the temperature haha ;^D

UltimateMaster2928d ago

Cammy just got surgery done by Capcom to remove the nipples to make them look fake.

Devilsknight2927d ago

Everybody seems to be offended indeed. Just look at this outcry for digital nipples.
*Rages over polygon boobs* - "Why are people offended so easy?!?!".

Sad, pathetic and ironical, all in one.

The human body has nipples indeed, therefor we can enjoy them IRL. Wouldnt want Zangiefs balls to be visable through the fabric either.

Kingthrash3602927d ago

Dam tho.....not the nips Capcom .
First it was the bounce, now it's like....."we need to make it even less realistic ...enter phase 2 of breast degradation!!
whats phase 3 you ask???? Next, They wont cast a shadow!

TheCommentator2927d ago

Cammy can't be anatomically correct, but my daughter can watch her favorite recording artists perform onstage in lingerie at the music awards or see a "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl... yeah, that makes sense. Thanks, SJW's, for tackling the important issues first like nipples under clothing in video games instead of addressing the countless ways famous women can exploit their own sexuality to get ahead in life just by dressing like whores. My children are way more exposed to real world influences in pop culture than they are to video game nipples.

Bimkoblerutso2927d ago

Yeah, this is going to seem like a really ridiculous statement....but people paid for those nipples. It should be goddamn illegal to manipulate content like this when people have already ****ing paid for it.

SJW culture is out of control.

rainslacker2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I admire your tenacity to go through all that effort to look for nipples.:)

More seriously, Capcom is just weird with these things. I mean, I can see why some of the localization houses for some games seem to think they have to censor localized versions(although they don't really have to), but the stuff being censored from SFV is so marginal that it hardly seems worthwhile. I mean, the buttslap was one thing, but were people complaining about the nipples? It's not like they were gratuitous, and they wouldn't be out of the ordinary. To some people think that people shouldn't have nipples?


Sad I know this, but when one is physically active, their blood is pumping more, and that will cause one's nipples to become more....prominent. Happens for males and females, it's not a gender thing.

Life lesson for the day I suppose.

That being said, I expect Team Ninja to upstage Capcom in their own nipple physics going forward.


While I"m sure you're aware, your kids are probably still exposed to worse things at school. Which is another issue which stems more from the things you speak about as people try to emulate these idols they look up to. To date, I don't really know many people that try to emulate any character from a video game....outside of comic, game, or anime conventions....maybe some in the real world, but certainly not a common thing.

Kind of makes one wonder where the objective evidence is that these bad things in video games are having an effect on society. Heck, even some spurious anecdotal evidence would be very hard to come by.


I mentioned in a comment the other day taking up arms. but instead, consider researching an article on just how much of the idol emulation we see in society from video games to see if kids are really looking up to these characters, and where the basis is that it's harmful to the perception of women by others, and somehow damaging to them since it's not being emulated, and I'd imagine one would be hard pressed to find others placing expectations on others based on a representation from a video game.

Tech52927d ago

In the pc version they give it back and little extra too.

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TwoForce2928d ago

That's so goddamn annoying !

TGG_overlord2928d ago

I pointed that out to Capcom via Twitter ;)

Gaming_Cousin2928d ago

Let's take out a natural body part but leave in gun shots exploding heads and terrorists bombing building in games. People are f***ing retarded

Erik73572927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Don't worry , they added nips to the male characters for you so that your nipple gaming content will still be satisfied.

KentBenMei2928d ago

Accidentally disagreed, I completely agree.

Muzikguy2928d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Stupid is offensive for sure. I usually use terms like idiot, dumbass, pansy and moron because those are way less offensive 😜️

Edit: This oversensitive bunch we have these days need to grow up (edit). All this offensive crap is making us go backwards as a society if you ask me

rainslacker2927d ago

Consider these are the children born from the generation of those who preached free love and less control.

Muzikguy2927d ago

Valid point you make there

2928d ago
Nodoze2928d ago

I am offended at your offense of offensive material offending people. BAN BAN.. jk

I weep for the future of this country when everything is offensive to everyone. Grow a freaking backbone, and go elsewhere if you don't like. Always one to ruin things for everyone.

skwidd2927d ago

Can I join and be offended by people being offended by nipples? What's wrong with covered nipples?? Its part of the human body. Oh right.. we're in denial. There are no nipples.. are they gonna make her flat chested in street fighter v?

sampson31212927d ago

flip that and the same can be said about you. oh wait! you never looked at it that way before have you?

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frostypants2927d ago

In previous generations they wouldn't have had them in the game to begin with, so it's hard to say whether people would have been offended or not.

rainslacker2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Well, since cammy's first appearance, there was the butt crack riding leotard she wears, and no one was offended by that as I recall until this generation. I have a wall scroll of Chun-Li that I've had since the SNES days, and her nipples are clearly noticeable...along with a rather provocative "defeat" pose, and it was a pretty popular picture of her back in the day, and no one complained.

The lack of nipple definition was likely more due to limitations in hardware than anything else....although I don't recall if the PS3/360 versions had that or not. Beyond that...who was actually complaining about it this time that Capcom felt the need to remove it? Certainly didn't make any news that I'm aware of.

I think the reason it wasn't offensive in prior generations is more due to the fact that we didn't have an oversensitive group of control freaks invading the industry and community with their own ideals, and we were just allowed to enjoy what we wanted to without outside interference. Jack Thompson didn't get anywhere near the kind of respect the offended people are now, despite their actions and arguments being the same damn thing....just with a different reason to be triggered. Tomb Raider is the only game I can think of before around the middle of last gen that received any kind of negative feedback due to being overly sexual. Maybe Fear Effect, but that was kind of minimal since the game never really hit the mainstream.

Kombatologist2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I'm all against censorship, but this begs the question: If they had censored Zangief's bulge, would it receive the same outcry?

Erik73572927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

No female nipples in the game anymore?